Three Signs That Your Austin Subdivision Needs an Asphalt Overlay

Three Signs That Your Austin Subdivision Needs an Asphalt Overlay

Three Signs That Your Austin Subdivision Needs an Asphalt OverlayIn Austin, people choose to live in a subdivision or gated community for a variety of reasons. Some are attracted by the amenities the community provides, while others appreciate the fact that their HOA handles many maintenance tasks. Convenience and security also appear on their lists. One common thread is also the fact that the HOA is responsible for keeping the community’s streets, parking lots, and other pavements in top condition. From time to time, however, pavements can display evidence that they could benefit from an asphalt overlay.

What Is an Asphalt Overlay?

Asphalt overlays are courses of fresh asphalt that are installed on top of an existing pavement. Typically, when installing an asphalt overlay in Austin Texas, contractors mill the existing pavement to remove the top two or three inches. In most cases, milling is sufficient to remove all damage. However, in other cases, contractors must repair deep damage before installing an Austin asphalt overlay. After milling the pavement, making necessary repairs, and preparing the surface, the paving company can begin the asphalt overlaying process. This involves placing multiple courses of fresh asphalt to replace the pavement that was removed during the milling operation. Each course of an Austin asphalt overlay needs to be thoroughly compacted before more asphalt is placed and worked.

How Much Does an Asphalt Overlay Cost?

There are numerous factors that can affect your asphalt overlay cost. The amount of asphalt that must be removed and replaced are among the factors that contractors must consider when determining the cost of an asphalt overlay in Austin Texas. The extent of the repairs needed can also affect the cost. In general, however, milling and overlaying asphalt pavements costs roughly half as much as rebuilding them.

What Are the Benefits of Asphalt Overlaying?

In addition to significant cost savings, asphalt overlaying offers the following benefits.

1. Milling and overlaying asphalt pavements is substantially faster than demolishing and rebuilding them. This can help reduce traffic disruptions and mitigate the inconvenience to residents.
2. When correctly installed, asphalt overlays are virtually indistinguishable from new pavements. Thus, an Austin asphalt overlay will function and look like a newly installed pavement.
3. Milling and overlaying asphalt pavements can deliver environmental benefits. The millings can be completely recycled to manufacture new asphalt products. Asphalt overlaying also requires less raw material, so fewer delivery trucks will be traveling between the site and the batch plant.

What Are the Three Signs That a Subdivision Needs an Asphalt Overlay?

Although some signs can only be detected by an experienced paving contractor, there are three that do not require a trained eye to identify the need for an asphalt overlay in Austin.

1. The color of the pavement is a dingy shade of brown or gray. New pavements and asphalt overlays should be a dark, rich black color. Although unattractive, color fading indicates that the asphalt has experienced significant exposure to UV rays, and these rays have likely damaged the pavement as well.
2. The pavement shows obvious signs of numerous repairs. Patches and crack repairs can seldom be made so that they are invisible. An asphalt pavement that has needed an excessive number of repairs is likely an older one that is approaching the end of its useful life.
3. Ruts, loose gravel on the surface of the pavement, deteriorated edges, and shoving are all signs of a distressed pavement. Depending on when the pavement first displayed signs of distress, the remedy could be an asphalt overlay in Austin.

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