Austin Paving Company – Why Choose Asphalt?

Austin Paving Company – Why Choose Asphalt? 

Fresh paving can greatly enhance your property, and a seasoned Austin paving company can help bring your vision to life, no matter how complex it seems. When investing in new paving, you have many options. Among the biggest decisions you’ll need to make is what material to use. The most popular choice is asphalt. Here’s what you need to know about asphalt paving in Austin.

What is Asphalt Paving in Austin?

Asphalt is one of the most widely used materials in modern construction. It’s everywhere you look! From road surfaces to parking lots and residential driveways, you have a skilled paving company in Austin to thank for all the smooth driving surfaces you use daily.

The material is very different from alternatives like concrete. Asphalt contains ingredients like stone aggregate, sand and other additives. However, the most important element is bitumen, a sticky black petroleum byproduct. Austin paving companies spread and compact the asphalt mixture, rolling it smooth to create a reliable surface.

After a few days of curing, paving contractors inspect the new surface before giving you the all-clear to open your pavement up for traffic. The process is straightforward, and paving contractors will work closely with you to ensure you get a surface that meets your exact needs and specifications.

Why Hire an Austin Paving Company to Construct Surfaces with Asphalt?

There are many reasons why paving companies often recommend asphalt to clients looking to invest in their properties.

  • Lower Costs: One of the most appealing benefits of asphalt paving in Austin is its cost. Compared to alternatives like concrete, asphalt is a much more cost-efficient choice. It makes getting reliable pavement more accessible to property owners throughout Central Texas.
  • Eco-Friendly: Asphalt is the most recycled material in the world. There’s a good chance the paving company in Austin you hire will use recycled material during your project at some point. It’s a great way to get the surface you need while taking positive steps to lower your carbon footprint.
  • Quicker Installation: Paving companies still need ample time to work. However, installing asphalt paving in Austin is typically much quicker than the alternatives. Most paving companies recommend giving new surfaces about 72 hours to cure. But after that, it’s ready for drivers.
  • Versatile Applications: Asphalt is a surprisingly versatile material. It’s the go-to for parking lots, driveways, roads, industrial warehouses and more. Paving companies can adjust details like material thickness to achieve whatever load-bearing capacity you need. Austin paving companies can also adjust their approach to site prep to ensure you get a finished product that lasts, no matter how you intend to use it.
  • Lasting Durability: With proper care, asphalt paving is a long-lasting choice. Well-constructed and property installed surfaces can last three decades or more.

Can an Austin Paving Company Help Maintain Pavement Over the Long Haul?

Another reason to consider asphalt over the alternatives is long-term maintenance. Asphalt requires regular sealcoating and occasional repair work to stay in good shape. Fortunately, many Austin paving companies offer repair and maintenance services to help you prolong the life of your investment.

Experienced paving contractors can inspect your pavement and recommend services to restore its looks, protection and reliability.

Let RDC Paving handle all your asphalt paving and maintenance needs. In addition to new paving, you can turn to us for sealcoating, soil stabilization, crack filling, milling and reclamation, pothole repairs, pavement markings, concrete curbing and more.

We’re the most trusted paving company in Austin and are eager to show you why. Our team strives to exceed your expectations and deliver a great experience from start to finish. No matter the size and scope of your project, you can trust us to complete your project.

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