Safety Features

Speed bumps, road signs, and other safety features protect those on your property, minimizing the risk of accidents. Wondering what features your property needs? Contact us today to discuss custom solutions for you and your team.

Our Safety Features

Textured or Slip-Resistant Surfaces

Reduce the risk of slips and skids with textured and slip-resistant pavement features

Speed Bumps and Humps

Slow down traffic with speed bumps and humps to enhance pedestrian safety.

Curb Ramps

Separate sidewalks from roads and parking lots and increase accessibility with curb ramps.


Keep drivers away from pedestrian-only areas with durable bollards.

Road Signs

Communicate speed limits, upcoming hazards, intersections, and directions to drivers with clear and strategically placed road signs.

The Process

Safety Assessment

We recommend safety features based on high-risk areas and traffic patterns on your property.

Install & Implement

We install the recommended safety features.

Maintain & Evaluate

We ensure your new and improved pavement functions as intended.
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Key Benefits

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