What Is Commercial Asphalt Maintenance?

What Is Commercial Asphalt Maintenance?

What Is Commercial Asphalt Maintenance? Proper commercial asphalt maintenance is the creation and execution of a collection of services to prevent structural and cosmetic damage to parking lots and other commercial pavements. The exact services needed can vary, so it is best to have an asphalt professional design a maintenance plan that is customized to the specific needs of each pavement.

What Factors Influence the Services Contractors Recommend for an Individualized Asphalt Maintenance Plan?

Before recommending a set of asphalt maintenance services, a contractor will evaluate each customer’s pavement. Typically, asphalt maintenance companies want to determine the answers to several questions.

1. How old is the pavement? There can be significant differences between the services needed for a new pavement and one that is nearing the end of its useful life.
2. What is the appearance of the pavement’s surface? Appearance includes the color of the pavement as well as whether the surface appears smooth and level.
3. What obvious damage does the Austin asphalt maintenance contractor observe? Damage can include potholes and cracks as well as raveling, rutting, shoving, and other signs of distress.
4. What is the purpose of the pavement? A pedestrian walkway may need different asphalt maintenance services than a busy parking lot, or the interval between the services may be different.
5. What asphalt maintenance has the pavement received during its existence? A neglected pavement may need a little extra attention, but there are also some paving maintenance services that should not be performed too frequently.

What Services Are Appropriate for Asphalt Maintenance in Austin TX?

As previously noted, the best Austin asphalt maintenance plans are tailored to each specific pavement. That said, there are several services that virtually all Austin asphalt maintenance contractors recommend.

1. Asphalt Sealcoating: Although sealcoating is surprisingly economical, it is one of the most effective ways to prevent damage to an asphalt pavement. Furthermore, it can provide cosmetic benefits, including returning faded pavements to their original color. The pavement’s use determines the correct schedule for sealcoating, but most parking lots should be sealed approximately every two years. Lightly used pavements, including bike paths, residential driveways, and some parking lots, may only require sealcoating every three to five years, however.
2. Crack Repairs: An effective plan for paving maintenance in Austin TX must include timely crack repairs. Open cracks make the pavement vulnerable to water infiltration, and this can lead to widespread damage to both the pavement and its supporting foundation. Most Austin asphalt maintenance contractors recommend identifying and repairing cracks every fall and every spring.
3. Routine Cleaning: Removing piles of debris, including dead leaves, grass clippings, and trash, can help prevent damage to the underlying pavement. It is also important to remove automotive fluids that vehicles have leaked onto your asphalt pavement. Debris can trap moisture against the pavement, increasing the chances of water infiltration. Automotive fluids can leave soft spots that quickly become potholes. Sweeping schedules vary widely, but automotive fluids should be removed every three to six months.
4. Parking Lot Markings: The lines and stencils painted on your pavement enhance safety in your parking lot, improve your curb appeal, and help you satisfy legal requirements. Typically, a paving maintenance company will recommend reapplying your markings about every two years.
5. Miscellaneous: Your asphalt maintenance company may also recommend several additional services. Depending on your situation, the additional paving maintenance services could include periodic pavement resurfacing, replacing damaged or misaligned wheel stops, and repairing or replacing traffic signs and their poles.

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