Five Signs That Show It Is Time for an Asphalt Overlay in Austin

Five Signs That Show It Is Time for an Asphalt Overlay in Austin

Five Signs That Show It Is Time for an Asphalt Overlay in Austin Ancient Romans were exceptional builders, especially when working with concrete or stone, but not even they could build an everlasting asphalt pavement. If your asphalt pavement is showing evidence of a long, hard life, you may think that you need to demolish and rebuild it. Before you jump to any conclusions, you might want to consider installing an asphalt overlay in Austin if your pavement displays any of the following five signs.

What Are the Five Signs That an Asphalt Overlay in Austin Might Be the Right Solution?

Although every pavement can have a different story to tell, the following five signs can indicate that asphalt overlaying might be the right solution for your pavement.

1. You strongly dislike your pavement’s appearance.
2. Your pavement has been neglected for most or all of its life.
3. Your pavement has widespread damage.
4. You can see obvious signs of pavement distress.
5. Your pavement’s drainage leaves much to be desired.

Why Might My Pavement’s Appearance Justify an Asphalt Overlay in Austin?

If you are appalled by the way your pavement looks, imagine how potential clients, tenants, or other visitors must feel. An asphalt pavement that has lost its rich, dark color, displays evidence of countless repairs, or is dotted with oil stains will detract from your curb appeal. It can also generate the perception that you care little for the comfort and safety of your visitors, pay no attention to details, or are willing to cut corners to maximize your profits.

How Could Pavement Neglect Result in the Need for Asphalt Overlaying?

When you buy a new car, you know that it will have a longer life if you have it serviced periodically. Routine maintenance can forestall many serious issues, and it can also help ensure that you are not left stranded due to a preventable problem. Similarly, a neglected asphalt pavement can develop problems that require costly repairs. Depending on the severity of the damage, overlaying an asphalt pavement can often erase a lifetime of neglect.

What Does a Local Asphalt Overlay Company Consider Widespread Damage?

Although the standards for widespread damage can vary from one asphalt overlay contractor to the next, most use similar measurements. Typically, an Austin asphalt overlay company considers damage widespread if it involves 25% to 35% of the entire pavement or its supporting foundation. Depending on the situation, the standards may differ for an asphalt driveway overlay.

What Types of Pavement Distress Can Be Remedied With an Asphalt Overlay in Austin?

Your local asphalt overlay company may include or exclude certain types of pavement distress after evaluating your pavement. However, asphalt overlay contractors usually consider it possible for asphalt overlaying to repair many pavements with raveling, rutting, slippage cracking, transverse cracking, block cracking, edge cracking, linear cracking, and reflection cracking. It is important to note that other repair methods may also be possible that can be less expensive.

Why Might Poor Drainage Justify an Asphalt Overlay in Austin?

If an asphalt pavement is engineered and constructed properly, water should flow freely and efficiently from the pavement. Pools of standing water on the surface, near catch basins, or around the edges of the pavement are often signs of a drainage issue. Many drainage issues can be corrected while overlaying an asphalt pavement. Correcting drainage issues can play an important role in preventing water infiltration and the foundation damage it can inflict.

Why Should I Contact RDC Paving for an Asphalt Overlay in Austin?

RDC Paving is a fully licensed, appropriately insured, and locally owned asphalt and concrete company with more than 20 years of industry experience. We offer a wide range of services in addition to asphalt overlaying, including asphalt patching and repairs, asphalt milling, sealcoating, asphalt crack repairs, concrete repairs, asphalt driveway paving, parking lot striping, concrete ADA services, parking lot maintenance, asphalt paving, and the construction of concrete parking lots, driveways, ramps, curbs, and sidewalks. We are known for our superior craftsmanship, responsive customer service, and exemplary professionalism. To request a free quote on your project, complete the online form, email, or call 512-920-9155.

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