Why Summer Is the Perfect Time for Austin Sealcoating!

Why Summer Is the Perfect Time for Sealcoating in Austin

A professionally applied, high-quality sealcoat can do wonders for the life and appearance of an asphalt pavement. Sealcoating protect asphalt pavements from the ravages of the sun, automotive fluids, and other chemicals or natural forces that can inflict damage or lead to the premature deterioration of the pavement. However, sealcoating typically do not last for more than two or three years on an average commercial pavement. Sealcoating is weather-sensitive products, so the summer months are the best for Austin sealcoating primarily because of the humidity, sunlight, precipitation, and temperatures.

What Role Does the Humidity Play When Sealcoating Austin TX Asphalt Pavements?

A seal coat is a combination of concentrated seal coating, sand, and water that goes on wet, then cures to form a tough shell. To cure, the water in the asphalt sealcoating must evaporate properly. The higher the humidity is, the longer it will take for the seal coat to lose its water. Conversely, evaporation takes less time when the humidity is low. In the Austin area, the relative humidity is typically lower during the summer months, but it is still high enough to help prevent seal coating from drying too quickly.

How Does Sunlight Impact Sealcoating Projects?

The longer days of summer can provide two benefits. First, sealcoating contractors can accomplish more in a single day. For example, when sealcoating asphalt parking lots that will need to be repainted afterward, it is often possible for a contractor to complete all tasks in one day. However, when the days are shorter, the sealcoating company may need to spread the work over two days. The second impact of sunlight is related to the way that asphalt sealcoating cures. Proper curing requires a minimum of four hours of exposure to sunlight.

What Is the Importance of Precipitation for Asphalt Sealcoating Applications?

Until the sealcoat is sufficiently cured, rain can potentially ruin the job. If the sealcoat is just beginning to cure, rain could wash it away completely. If the sealant is partially cured, you could be left with a surface that is unattractive, blotchy, and mottled.

How Does the Temperature Impact Sealcoating Applications?

Seal coat manufacturers conduct extensive research on their products to determine the application conditions under which the best results will be obtained. They pass this information on to the sealcoating contractors who purchase their products. Most manufacturers specify that sealcoating should not be applied unless the air and pavement temperatures are around 50 degrees Fahrenheit and rising during the application, and the overnight temperature should not fall below that mark. The chances of it being too cool for sealcoating Austin TX pavements in the summer are infinitesimally small. Furthermore, if the heat happens to be excessive, a sealcoating company can cool the pavement to ensure proper curing, but it is a virtual impossibility to warm a pavement that is excessively cold.

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