Sports Teams in Austin, Texas

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Sports Teams in Austin, TX

Unlike its sister Texan cities of Dallas and Houston, Austin has no professional or major league sports teams. However, that does not mean the city’s residents do not like their sports. In fact, just about every major sport has a team in Austin.

Whether you are looking for loyal fans who treat college football like a religion or perhaps you enjoy well organized Ultimate Frisbee, then Austin is the place for you.

Sports like Ultimate Frisbee and Rugby are not popular in this city by accident. The vast array of public open-air parks have fostered a long culture of these types of sports.

While everyone is already familiar with the University of Texas Longhorns, here are some examples of some of the lesser known sports teams in Austin, TX:

Round Rock Express:

The Round Rock Express is a triple-A minor league baseball team. They are a farm league for the Texas Rangers, which means that players who do well for the Express could get a chance to play for the Rangers in a last-minute opening.

The Austin Outlaws:

Part of the Women’s Football Alliance, the Outlaws hold a special status among sports in Texas. For those who have never seen a women’s football team play, the Outlaws are a great chance at that experience.
Baseball Stadium
With three division titles under their belts, you will not be disappointed by the game play these ladies provide.

The Texas Stars:

For those who are looking for an ice oasis in this subtropical climate, a Stars game is the place to go. The Stars are a part of the American Hockey League (AHL) and are a farm team for the Dallas Stars—their NHL affiliates and the only professional hockey club in the state of Texas.

Fans of the Dallas Stars will also benefit from rooting for their Austin affiliates since there is a good chance they will be in the lineup later.

The Austin Spurs:


Now here’s a team with a true Texas name. The Spurs are a part of the National Basketball Association’s G league or development league. Players for the Spurs will have the chance to move up through the NBA to a professional franchise.

A fairly new organization, the Spurs franchise moved to Texas in 2005 and was originally established in Columbus, Georgia as the Columbus Riverdragons.

The Austin Sol:

Established in 2016, The Austin Sol is perfect for fans of the disc. No, not disc golf, but ultimate frisbee. The Sol are a part of the American Ultimate Disc League and Texas’ only major Ultimate Frisbee league.

With the city’s plentiful green space, the Sol play at several venues around town. Games can be found at the Round Rock Multisport Complex, Vandergrift High School, Westwood High School, and at House Park.

The Austin Huns:

One of the oldest teams in the city, the Huns have been around since 1972. The Huns are a part of the American Rugby Association and in June 2017 they beat the New York Athletic Club Rugby team winning the ARA’s US Division 1 national championship.

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