Will Sealcoating Repair Oil Stains on My Pavement?

Will Sealcoating Repair Oil Stains On My Pavement?  

For decades, asphalt has been the most popular paving material used in North America. There are many reasons for its amazing popularity. It is an extremely versatile material that is suitable for a wide range of paving needs, and it is less expensive and faster to install than other options. Asphalt pavements offer excellent aesthetic appeal, and they can have very long lives if they are given proper care. One very cost-effective way to give your pavement the protection it needs is to have your contractor sealcoat it periodically. However, sealcoating is not a repair product, so it will not fix oil stains on your pavement or repair the damage they have inflicted.

How Do Oil Stains Damage Asphalt Pavements?

When crude oil reaches a refinery, it is distilled to create a wide range of products, including motor oil and asphalt. These and other distillates spent millions of years in peaceful coexistence as crude oil. Petroleum distillates have an interesting quirk, which is that they will attempt to reunite whenever they encounter each other, and the reunion typically involves breaking down one or more of the distillates. When oil and asphalt try to recombine, the process is very destructive to the asphalt that holds the entire paving mix together. The pavement beneath the oil stain becomes soft and crumbly, and you will soon be calling an asphalt paving company for a pothole repair.

Will Sealcoating Conceal Oil Stains From View?

Although Austin asphalt sealcoating can hide several types of pavement imperfections, sealcoating contractors must exercise extreme care when oil stains are present. First of all, when sealcoating Austin TX pavements that have not received sufficient maintenance, it is quite common for contractors to discover that the oil stains have already damaged the pavement. If so, the damaged area must be repaired before proceeding with the asphalt sealcoating. Furthermore, knowledgeable sealcoating companies know that oil stains can prevent the sealant from establishing a strong bond with the pavement. Therefore, reputable Austin asphalt sealcoating professionals typically clean the oil stain as thoroughly as possible, then apply a primer to ensure proper bonding.

Will Sealcoating Prevent Oil Stains on Asphalt Pavements?

Unfortunately, oil will eventually eat its way through the asphalt sealcoating to reach the pavement. However, sealcoats dramatically increase the length of time that you will have to remove the oil before it can inflict pavement damage. At least every six months, you or your contractor should locate and clean any oil stains on your pavement.

Does RDC Paving Offer Asphalt Sealcoating?

Yes, RDC Paving offers an extensive list of paving services, including parking lot striping, asphalt overlay installation, asphalt paving, driveway paving, asphalt milling, concrete repair, asphalt crack repair, concrete curbs, parking lot maintenance, and asphalt repairs. We have built an exemplary reputation for high-quality craftsmanship, attentive customer service, and extraordinary professionalism. If you would want us to work up a free quote for you, you can call 512-920-9155, or you can fill out our online request form.

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