How Often Is Sealcoating In Central Texas Needed?

How Often In Asphalt Sealcoating In Central Texas Needed?

How Often In Asphalt Sealcoating In Central Texas Needed? Whether you have a small retail store or a huge commercial parking lot, you must invest in asphalt sealcoating. Sealcoating in Central Texas is an essential but often overlooked part of pavement maintenance. While surfaces don’t require it often, failing to work with a sealcoating contractor can lead to avoidable issues and costly repairs.

What’s the Standard Schedule for Sealcoating in Central Texas?

Most reliable sealcoating companies will tell you to get this service every three to five years. That’s the standard, but there are exceptions to that rule. Every property is different, receiving varying levels of wear and weather exposure. What’s right for your driveway may differ from a nearby parking lot with significant traffic.

Some property owners can benefit from more frequent asphalt sealcoating. Investing in this service every two years or annually can maximize protection while keeping your pavement looking its best.

How Do I Know It’s Time for Asphalt Sealcoating?

The best thing you can do to determine the right schedule for sealcoating in Central Texas is to work with a sealcoating contractor. They can inspect your pavement and decide whether it can benefit from the service.

You should contact sealcoating contractors whenever you notice signs of wear. That includes color-fading, small cracks and surface raveling. Those issues are minor, but they indicate possible problems in the future. Catching and addressing that minor damage early with sealcoating can prevent more costly repairs.

What Does a Sealcoating Contractor Do?

Your sealcoating company will care for your pavement by applying a specialized sealer. Sealer formulas can vary in price and quality, but a good contractor will help you select an option based on your needs and budget.

Sealcoating contractors apply the sealer to every inch of your pavement. Then, they allow it to cure for up to 48 hours. The sealer protects the asphalt and restores its color, providing instant aesthetic improvements and long-term protection.

What’s the Point of Getting Sealcoating in Central Texas?

Central Texas asphalt sealcoating is about protection. Asphalt is at the whims of Mother Nature, and constant wear, UV exposure and rain can lead to many issues. Oxidation breaks down the binders, resulting in cracks that allow water to penetrate.

When you work with sealcoating companies, you protect your pavement over the long haul. The sealer forms a protective barrier, giving your paved surfaces years of protection against major damage.

Will Sealcoating Companies Perform Other Repairs?

It’s important to remember that sealcoating in Central Texas is not a fix-all solution for major repairs. The sealer can close small voids and provide much-needed protection. However, it won’t fix potholes, buckling, major cracks, etc.

Before you get asphalt sealcoating, hire contractors to perform any necessary repairs. Once those are done, sealcoating contractors can come in, apply a uniform layer of sealer and make your pavement look almost new.

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