Why the Lowest Sealcoating Bid Isn’t Always the Best

Why the Lowest Sealcoating Bid Isn’t Always The Best

There is an old saying about getting what you pay for, and the adage holds true in many situations. For example, a pair of shoes with a low purchase price may wear out in less than half the time as a pair that would have cost 35% more. Fortunately, most people own multiple pairs of shoes, so they can still protect their feet if one pair fails. Unfortunately, if your sealcoating fails, your pavement will be forced to go without the protection it needs to resist damage that could drastically shorten its life. Potentially, you could be paying out a great deal more money for repairs or reconstruction than it would have cost you for a high-quality, correctly applied sealant. Given what could be at stake, it only makes sense to question whether the lowest bidder is the best choice for your asphalt seal coating.

Why Does My Asphalt Pavement Need Sealcoating?

Texas paving takes quite a beating from traffic as well as the weather. Due in part to its large size and urban sprawl, Texas is a highly car-dependent state. It is also on major east-west and north-south corridors that carry both heavy truck traffic and personal vehicles. Whether they are driving or parking on a suburban street or a dedicated lot, these vehicles frequently leak fluids that can soften asphalt, leaving it a crumbly mess and spawning potholes. The harsh rays of the sun make asphalt brittle and dry, leaving it susceptible to cracking. Over the course of a single winter, the ground may freeze and thaw several times, potentially inflicting pavement damage if water has penetrated beneath the surface. Having an asphalt maintenance contractor apply a high-grade sealant as needed can help shield your pavement from the sun, automotive fluids, and water penetration. Typically, an asphalt paving company of Austin will recommend sealing a new pavement within its first year; subsequent applications will be needed every two or three years if you have a pavement that receives average use.

How Can I Tell Whether a Low Sealcoating Bid Is Worth Considering?

First, you should know that every asphalt paving company Austin TX customers might contact to seal coat a pavement will pay roughly the same amount for materials. Although labor costs often vary, the labor hours should be fairly close. When comparing bids for sealing Texas paving, pay careful attention to what each asphalt maintenance contractor shows as the total gallons of sealant needed, the square footage to be sealed, the brand of sealant, and any additional services, including crack repairs, parking lot striping or pavement markings, and priming certain areas prior to sealing them. You should also compare the number of coats planned and the application methods. By comparing each line item, you can verify whether all the asphalt contractors bidding on your job actually understand the scope and size of your project. If the line items on five bids align, all five totals should be reasonably close, so proceed with caution if one bid is significantly less than the rest. Unscrupulous paving contractors Texas clients should avoid sometimes deliberately prepare the sealant mix with excess water, apply one thick coat instead of two thin ones, or take other shortcuts that can render the results practically worthless. Furthermore, the low bidder may not be insured, bonded, or licensed, or they may be roving contractors with no permanent address or phone, making it impossible for you to contact them if there is a problem with their work.

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