Safe Practices For Austin Concrete Removal And Demolition

Safe practices for AUSTIN concrete removal and demolition

Safe practices for AUSTIN concrete removal and demolitionConcrete is such a widely used material for sidewalks and paving that many new development or reconstruction projects require concrete demo and removal. When done by a professional, Austin concrete removal is a highly effective process that can make way for new construction. However, it can also be a dangerous endeavor.

Here’s what you need to know about safety practices during concrete removal in Austin.

When is Austin Concrete Removal Necessary?

Property owners can require concrete removal services for many. Beyond new development projects, contractors may recommend concrete demo and removal when the material becomes unsalvageable with repairs.

Concrete flatwork and fixtures can succumb to damage. Slabs can experience widespread cracks that compromise their structural integrity. Flatwork can also sink, heave and spall. While repairs effectively address many issues, concrete will get to a point of no return and require full removal and reconstruction.

Concrete removal companies will assess the damage and develop the right strategies to complete the task. Generally, the process involves breaking up concrete material and safely removing it from the site.

What are Some of the Dangerous of Removal in Austin?

There are many inherent risks during Auction demolition and concrete removal. It’s a destructive process, creating many hazards for demolition teams and anyone near the site.

Beyond obvious dangers like broken debris and heavy equipment, dust is one of the biggest concerns throughout the demolition process. Breaking apart large sections of concrete flatwork produces airborne dust that can spread beyond the worksite, putting everyday people at risk.

Another concern is debris spillage during transportation. After the concrete demo, teams must load up and secure debris before disposing of it according to local regulations.

What Types of Equipment Do Concrete Companies Use?

Experienced Austin demolition teams will use various heavy-duty tools and machinery to make quick work of concrete. Concrete flatwork and fixtures are tough materials. Therefore, the job requires tools that can deliver powerful force.

Pneumatic and hydraulic breakers are the most common tools used in concrete demo projects. They can deliver thousands of pounds of force several times a minute. You may also see teams using hand-operated jackhammers and concrete saws. Smaller tools are a great way to create controlled breaks during concrete removal in Austin, making it easier to manage debris.

How Do Contractors Maximize Safety During Austin Concrete Removal Projects?

When you turn to an experienced contractor for Austin demolition and concrete removal service, you can expect several safety precautions.

These projects always begin with a thorough inspection and site assessment. Contractors visit the site and develop a quick, efficient, and safe plan of attack. This is one of the most important parts of the process, helping maximize safety.

Before work begins, concrete removal companies will gather all the necessary permits and block off the area to prevent drivers and pedestrians from entering. Safety regulations vary from one jurisdiction to the next, but contractors should follow all laws regarding safety.

Water and dust suppressants are then set up to minimize the spread of dust. Splashing work areas with water can prevent dust from going airborne and spreading to surrounding areas.

After breaking concrete apart, contractors will dispose of the material in approved containers, securing them to avoid spillage during transport.

When you need concrete demo and removal, RDC Paving is here to help. We have a well-trained dream team and heavy-duty equipment to demolish and remove concrete on your residential or commercial property. We follow all concrete demo safety regulations and take extra steps to make the process as safe as possible.

We’re proud to be among the most trusted sources of Austin demolition and concrete removal. However, you can also turn to us for new concrete paving, curb construction, repairs, maintenance, etc.

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