What Situations Require Concrete Parking Lot Replacement?

What Situations Require Concrete Parking Lot Replacement?

What Situations Require Concrete Parking Lot Replacement?Concrete can be a great choice for a commercial parking lot. With proper care, including timely repairs and protection from overloading, a well-built concrete parking lot can often last 25 or 30 years without incurring serious damage. However, there are situations in which your parking lot will need to be repaired or replaced.

How Do I Know Whether I Need My Concrete Parking Lot Repaired or Replaced?

The best way to decide between a concrete parking lot repair and a concrete parking lot replacement is to have a professional assess your pavement. Sometimes, people think that their pavement cannot be salvaged, but an experienced, trustworthy concrete parking lot company may know that there are options besides demolishing and rebuilding the pavement. However, the opposite can also be true. Concrete parking lot contractors may encounter clients who insist on a concrete parking lot repair, but the contractors know that any repair will be futile. The repair will have a short life, but what is even worse is that it will not prevent the damage from spreading to the rest of the parking lot.

Is It Possible to Replace Only the Damaged Areas Instead of the Entire Parking Lot?

When many people think of a concrete parking lot replacement, they envision a total demolition and completely new concrete parking lot installation. Depending on the source, type, and extent of the damage, there may be situations when a contractor can replace just the affected slabs in an Austin concrete parking lot. Although contractors may refer to this as a concrete parking lot repair, it is actually a demolition and replacement that is limited in scope.

What Are Some Signs That I Should Call an Austin Concrete Parking Lot Professional to Assess My Pavement?

Every concrete parking lot in Austin can have significant differences, so it is important to have a professional evaluate your specific issues. However, there are several signs that you need the assistance of a reputable concrete parking lot company.

1. Warping: Warping is sometimes referred to as curling because the pavement appears to curl down or up. To the untrained eye, warping may seem like a cosmetic issue, but it is actually a sign of an issue with the foundation. Once a concrete parking lot begins to warp, it can develop significant cracks or sinkholes. Warping often indicates that sediment has been washed away, resulting in a gap between the bottom of the pavement and the underlying soil. Usually, an Austin concrete parking lot contractor will need to remove the pavement over the affected area, resolve the foundational issues, and then replace the concrete.
2. Cracks: Virtually every concrete parking lot in Austin will develop cracks at some point during its life. Cracks are often caused by temperature fluctuations or settling; cracks caused by settling usually appear within a year or two after the concrete parking lot installation. Depending on the severity of the cracks, including their depth, concrete parking lot contractors may be able to fix them with a simple surface repair.
3. Misalignments: Slabs can move out of their proper positions either vertically or horizontally. Concrete parking lot contractors typically refer to slabs with horizontal movement as misaligned. Slabs that sink lower than their neighbors are said to have subsided, while those that have risen higher than their neighbors are said to have been uplifted. Whether slabs have been uplifted, misaligned, or subsided, they pose safety hazards that need to be eliminated. Generally, only slabs that have subsided have the possibility of being corrected with a concrete parking lot repair. Uplifted and misaligned slabs will normally need a concrete parking lot replacement service.
4. Deterioration: After years of exposure to traffic and the elements, the surface layers can begin to show signs of deterioration. The outside edges may start to break, potholes may develop, or areas near drains may develop cracks and separate. In many cases, deterioration can be addressed with a surface concrete parking lot repair.
5. Puddling: Puddling is the pooling of water where it should not be on the surface of a concrete parking lot. Puddling can be an early sign of warping, but it can also be a sign of deterioration.

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