Is It Time to Replace Your Austin Concrete Parking Lot?

Is It Time to Replace Your Austin Concrete Parking Lot?

Is It Time to Replace Your Austin Concrete Parking Lot? For many years, concrete has been the go-to material for paving parking lots of all sizes when the goal is to have a pavement that can support heavyweight loads for many years. However, regardless of the paving material chosen, every parking lot will eventually need to be replaced. Understandably, you do not want to endure the inconvenience and cost of replacing your Austin concrete parking lot before it becomes imperative. If you are wondering how to tell whether your parking lot may still have a few years of remaining life, the following information may prove helpful.

What Causes an Austin Concrete Parking Lot to Fail?

There are a number of reasons why you may need a concrete parking lot replacement. Sometimes, the cause is simply the passage of time, especially if the parking lot has been used extensively for several decades. However, there are other potential reasons why you may need to replace your Austin concrete parking lot.

1. A concrete parking lot in Austin is exposed to the environment around the clock and every day of the year. Environmental factors include temperature fluctuations, harsh sunlight, and heavy rain. However, what is going on beneath your concrete parking lot can also wreak havoc on your pavement. In some locations, concrete parking lot contractors encounter unstable soil that swells and sinks when its moisture content swings back and forth. In other places, the soil is prone to settling, allowing the concrete slabs to subside. Today, a concrete parking lot company typically has an assortment of equipment and tests to identify the sufficiency of the underlying soil. However, much of this technology is comparatively new, so the original contractor may not have had access to it.
2. Neglecting to make a concrete parking lot repair within a reasonable time can also lead to the ultimate failure of your pavement. Water can penetrate beneath the concrete and cause various problems. For example, it can erode the soil underneath your concrete, or it can cause some types of reinforcing materials to rust.
3. Overloading is an issue that concrete parking lot contractors commonly identify. Many people mistakenly believe that it is impossible to subject a concrete parking lot to more weight than it can support. It is true that concrete has amazing resistance to heavy weights, but you can still overload it. A concrete parking lot company designs every pavement to support a specified number of vehicles that have weights that fall within a certain range. If the number or weights of the vehicles exceed the design specifications, the concrete may not be able to resist the loading.

What Are Some Signs That I Should Replace My Austin Concrete Parking Lot?

Frankly, the only way to know for certain is to ask a reputable concrete parking lot company to evaluate the condition of your pavement. Many times, contractors determine that a concrete parking lot in Austin is in better health than the customer thinks. However, if you would like a few things that you can check yourself, look for the following signs of serious damage. Keep in mind that you may not need a complete concrete parking lot replacement. In some cases, concrete parking lot contractors can replace sections or even individual slabs.

1. The concrete has deteriorated to the point that the rebar or mesh is exposed.
2. Large cracks have developed over a significant portion of your concrete parking lot.
3. There are major problems with your parking lot’s drainage that indicate issues with the underlying soil.
4. Adjacent slabs show marked differences in elevation or horizontal alignment.

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