Good Practices From a Professional Sealcoating Contractor

Good Practices From a Professional Sealcoating Contractor

Good Practices From a Professional Sealcoating ContractorIf you are responsible for maintaining an asphalt pavement, you probably know that periodic sealcoating applications can help your pavement last longer and look better. However, it is also vital for your sealcoating to last and look as it should. The sealcoating contractor you choose can determine whether the sealcoat will deliver the proper protection and provide the desired aesthetic benefits. There are some things that reputable sealcoating professionals will always do, and there are some things that they will never do.

What Are Some Things That a Reputable Sealcoating Contractor Will Always Do?

When planning jobs for sealcoating in Austin TX, experienced contractors always monitor the weather forecasts carefully. Rain that falls during or immediately after an application can mar the appearance of the sealcoating, or it can wash it away if it is a heavy rain. In addition to making sure that no rain is forecast, reputable asphalt sealcoating professionals will always do the following things.

1. They will always evaluate the condition of the pavement in advance. This evaluation will assess the condition of the pavement, including its need for repairs. Sealcoating contractors will also determine whether a new pavement is ready for an initial treatment by ensuring that the asphalt is sufficiently cured. Parking lot paving contractors usually recommend an initial sealcoating as soon as curing has occurred, which could take anywhere from two to eight months. However, asphalt companies always recommend that the initial application should be completed within the pavement’s first year.
2. They will always make sure that all repairs are completed prior to starting the application. If there are cracks or other pavement breaks, the sealant will drain into them without repairing them.
3. Reputable sealcoating contractors will meticulously clean the pavement. They will remove all dirt and debris, clean up puddles of fluids that vehicles have dripped on the pavement, and remove any grass or weeds that are encroaching on the pavement.
4. Experienced sealcoating contractors will always apply a primer if it is needed to ensure a proper bond. Primer may be needed in areas with polished aggregate, heavy tree sap that cannot be removed, or stains left by oil or other petrochemicals.
5. Trustworthy asphalt sealcoating professionals will always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when preparing the mix. They will add the right amounts of water, sealant, and sand, and they will incorporate an additive only if one is needed to obtain satisfactory results.
6. The best sealcoating contractors will endeavor to minimize any disruption to your operation. They may suggest sealcoating your parking lot in sections, performing the work on a weekend, or scheduling your job on your slowest day.
7. When scheduling your job, experienced contractors will plan for all of the paving services that you will need. This may include crack repairs, parking lot striping, or pothole repairs.
8. When sealcoating Austin TX pavements, reliable contractors will follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for application. In most cases, two coats will be applied, but a third coat may be applied in high-wear areas. Whether they use a power squeegee, sprayer, or manual squeegee, they will allow each coat to dry before they proceed.
9. They will always take the appropriate safety measures. Depending on the job, this may involve erecting barriers to control traffic, providing safety gear to workers, or designating an employee to watch for intrusions.

What Are Some Things That a Reputable Sealcoating Contractor Will Never Do?

There are a few things that unscrupulous or inexperienced contractors may do that can seriously impact the quality of a sealcoating job. Here are some things that contractors should never do when sealcoating Austin TX pavements.

1. They should never try to speed up a job by applying a thick coat of sealant instead of two thin ones.
2. They should never apply sealcoating if the ground or air temperature is less than 50 degrees.
3. They should never add an excessive amount of water to the sealcoating mix.
4. Except in certain rare circumstances, they should never skip incorporating sand or boiler slag in the mix.
5. If the winds are strong, they should never use a sprayer without taking precautions to ensure that the sealant will not be blown onto passing cars, landscaping, or structures.

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