Top Cost Variables to Consider When Paving in Austin, TX

Top Cost Variables to Consider When Paving in Austin, TX

Top Cost Variables to Consider When Paving in Austin, TX When people call a contractor about installing paving in Austin TX, they often have many questions. However, one of their first questions is typically to ask how much it will cost. An experienced contractor may be able to provide a range of costs for a pavement with a finite square footage. Normally, the contractor is using previous jobs as a guideline, so this will be an extremely rough estimate. Contractors must consider many factors to prepare an accurate quote. These include factors specific to the site as well as factors specific to your new pavement. Site-specific factors include location, accessibility, soil, and terrain. Job-specific factors include the type and amount of asphalt, pavement complexity, and the intended use of the pavement.

Can You Explain the Site-Specific Factors That Affect the Cost of Paving in Austin TX?

As all experienced Austin paving contractors know, site-specific factors can dramatically impact the cost of an asphalt pavement.

1. Location: When paving Austin properties, asphalt contractors must move their heavy equipment, tools, and employees to the site. They refer to the related costs of doing so as mobilization expenses. The greater the distance between the site and the contractor’s yard, the higher the mobilization expenses will be. The number of mobilizations can also affect your cost. The location of the site also factors into the cost of the asphalt. The greater the distance between the asphalt batch plant and the site, the more the asphalt company will charge.
2. Accessibility: As the area grows, an increasing number of developers and individuals are building on formerly rural properties. When people want to install asphalt paving on Austin TX properties in these areas, contractors sometimes face challenges. The roads leading to the site must be capable of supporting the heavy equipment and asphalt delivery trucks. If there is no connecting road between the site and the nearest roadway, the contractor may need to construct one.
3. Soil: All experienced highway and parking lot paving companies know that the area encompasses a variety of soil types. Rocky, sandy, or clayey soil present different challenges for asphalt paving companies. An asphalt pavement needs a stable, strong foundation, and contractors achieve this through compaction. If the soil cannot support proper compaction, the contractor may need to amend it. This means that the contractor will need to remove some of the existing soil, then replace it with a better soil.
4. Terrain: The amount of work that an Austin paving contractor must perform to prepare the site is another factor. Does the contractor need to clear raw land, or will it be necessary to remove existing pavements or structures? Will the contractor need to build a berm to protect your asphalt pavement from runoff draining from surrounding properties? Are there underground or overhead utility lines that could interfere with the work? These are just a few potential issues involving the terrain.

Can You Explain the Site-Specific Factors That Affect the Cost of Paving?

To the untrained eye, it may seem that one municipal thoroughfare is little different from another. Parking lots of similar sizes may also appear virtually identical. However, the pavements can sometimes have differences that are not easy to detect.

1. Intended Use: Parking lot paving companies always want to know how you plan to use your pavement. Will you only allow passenger vehicles, or will tractor-trailers also have access? How many vehicles of each weight do you expect to use your parking lot on a typical day? Will you use your parking lot to store heavy pallets of materials or products for extended periods? All of these factors can affect the depth of asphalt needed to ensure your pavement can withstand the strain.
2. Asphalt Amount and Type: The total amount of asphalt your pavement will require depends on both depth and surface area. Furthermore, there are several types of asphalt available at different prices, and each type has certain advantages and disadvantages.
3. Pavement Complexity: Will your pavement have straight lines, or will it feature curves or arcs? Do you want to retain existing trees or structures within the boundaries of your new pavement? Does your design feature numerous landscaping islands, swales, or speed bumps? How do you plan to collect water and channel it away from your pavement? Normally, complexities increase costs, but your Austin paving contractor will need to advise what constitutes a job-specific complexity.

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