Parking Lot Paving Tips for Property Managers

Parking Lot Paving Tips for Property Managers

Parking Lot Paving Tips for Property ManagersAsphalt parking lots have become extremely popular for several reasons. They are economical and fast to construct, provide an excellent background for pavement markings, and are visually appealing. They can also have remarkably long lives if they are cared for properly. However, to obtain the maximum benefits, property managers need to take a holistic approach to their parking lot paving. This starts by selecting the right contractor to build the parking lot, then continues with routine care, prompt repairs, and preventive maintenance.

Why Are Parking Lot Paving Companies Critical to the Durability and Aesthetics of a Pavement?

Selecting the right parking lot paving company is much more important than some people realize. The paving company is responsible for designing and installing the entire pavement. This includes preparing the subgrade, constructing the base, and installing multiple courses of paving asphalt. There are many steps that must be taken when paving Austin TX parking lots, and an error during any step can have a detrimental effect on the pavement’s structural or cosmetic aspects. Therefore, it is important to obtain and compare multiple quotes, investigate each contractor’s experience and reputation, and base your decision on more than just the total price. A bargain-basement quote may not be much of a value if your parking lot starts to need major repairs within its first year or two of life, requires reconstruction within seven or eight years, or is so bumpy and unattractive that it makes a bad impression on potential patrons.

What Is Routine Care for Parking Lot Paving?

Although there is some debate among parking lot paving companies on the topic, routine care typically revolves around keeping the pavement clean and attractive. Depending on your specific parking lot, the category can include regular sweepings and the removal of automotive fluids that vehicles have dripped on the pavement. It can also include enforcing the weight limits of vehicles to prevent overloading, ensuring that gutters and drains are in good condition and unclogged, and repainting the pavement markings when they become faded or damaged.

Why Are Prompt Parking Lot Repairs Critical?

Parking lot repairs include filling or sealing cracks, patching potholes, or replacing areas with alligator cracking. Prompt repairs are critical for two reasons.

1. Potholes, cracks, and other pavement breaks can pose significant hazards to pedestrians and cyclists. They also have the potential to damage vehicles. This could expose you to financial losses from lawsuits, but it could also drive away existing customers or tenants as well as discourage their potential replacements.
2. When paving asphalt goes without repairs, the damage will spread. Cracks and potholes will grow larger in all dimensions, and enough water will eventually enter to destabilize the base layers. The weakened base will begin to develop depressions, more potholes, and alligator cracking. It will not take long for the entire pavement to suffer so much damage that a total reconstruction is the only cost-effective option.

What Is Preventive Maintenance for Asphalt Paving?

It is almost universally true that preventing damage is better than repairing it. In that sense, everything that is contained in the section on routine care can also be considered as preventive maintenance. However, there are additional actions you can take to help prevent damage to your asphalt paving in Austin TX.

1. Sealcoating is an extremely effective and economical way to protect asphalt pavements. Sealcoating blocks the UV rays that make asphalt pavements brittle, dry, and more easily damaged. It also helps asphalt pavements retain their dark color, and it can typically bring back that color to pavements that have already faded. Furthermore, sealcoating gives you more time to react and remove vehicle fluids before they can interact with and soften the asphalt pavement.
2. Heavy, stationary loads on asphalt paving in Austin TX can deform the pavement, especially during the area’s hot, humid summers. If you use part of your parking lot to store pallets of raw materials or finished products, move them around periodically. The same is true for trailered boats or campers as well as self-propelled recreational vehicles, garden tractors, and similar items.
3. Regular inspections can help you identify minor issues so that you can correct them before damage occurs. Pay attention to how well your parking lot sheds water after a rain, and look for lingering puddles or overflowing gutters. Look for signs that the pavement in heavily trafficked areas is under distress; this could be unusual wear patterns, exposed aggregate, or loose gravel on the surface.

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