Municipal Paving Methodologies – Austin, Texas

Municipal Paving Methodologies - Austin, Texas

Municipal Paving Methodologies - Austin, Texas Great municipal paving benefits everyone and plays a big part in modern society. From public roadways to paved surfaces in parks, Austin municipal paving makes a difference in the lives of citizens throughout an area.  If you’re responsible for managing a city’s paving projects, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the process. Here are several municipal paving methodologies you should know about.

What Types of Contractors Should Cities Turn to for Municipal Paving?

Municipal paving projects are usually much bigger in scale than commercial or residential. Pair that with precise fund allocation with taxpayer money, and there are bigger hurdles to overcome. You can’t go to just any contractor for municipal paving in Austin Texas.

Cities should seek services from contractors with experience managing and completing municipal paving projects. Project leaders must do their due diligence, paying attention to every detail. Cities should stick with contractors with ample experience, trained teams, well-maintained equipment and examples of successful projects.

Contractors should also follow established municipal paving methodologies to ensure top-quality results. For peace of mind, cities should also triple-check details like licensing, insurance, etc.

Does the Quality of Materials Used Matter in Austin Municipal Paving?

Materials make all the difference for municipal paving in Austin Texas. Public projects get more use than standard commercial and residential paving. Therefore, they must withstand more rigorous use and exposure.

Project leaders should work closely with contractors to choose appropriate and budget-conscious materials. Not only that, but project managers should ask contractors to justify the materials they recommend.

Unfortunately, unscrupulous contracting companies do exist, and they may see municipal paving projects as a lucrative cash grab. That’s why due diligence is so crucial. Contractors should be able to explain why they’re using their chosen materials and review why it’s the best option for the project.

How Important is Drainage for Paving in Central Texas?

Proper drainage is vital in all projects involving municipal paving in Austin Texas. Inadequate drainage can lead to premature deterioration, resulting in pricey repair work at the taxpayer’s expense. Most cities have expertly engineered water management systems, and new projects should direct water to connected drainage features to avoid standing water, flooding and other issues.

Good municipal paving involves strategic sub-grade preparation and careful elevation planning. Project leaders must review those details with contractors, ensuring that all new paving leads water to appropriate drainage systems.

Does Municipal Paving Maintenance Differ from Maintenance on Private Properties?

Maintaining municipal paving is no different than maintaining pavement on commercial and residential properties. Asphalt is not immune to damage. It can experience all the same issues, and failing to invest in ongoing maintenance can lead to substantial repair and reconstruction costs.

Cities must plan and budget for preventative maintenance. That includes periodic sealcoating for continued protection against the elements, crack-sealing to avoid water penetration, pothole repairs to keep citizens safe, etc.

RDC Paving has a steadfast commitment to following the most effective municipal paving methodologies. We have a solid 20 years of experience in pavement installation, repair and maintenance, and we’re eager to be your partners in municipal projects of any size and scope. We understand how important municipal work is and collaborate closely with project leaders to execute our work perfectly while providing the customer service they can count on.

We perform many different services, including asphalt paving, sealcoating, repairs, concrete work, ADA features, striping, maintenance and more.

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