Why Should I Schedule Ongoing Maintenance With an Austin Asphalt Company?

Why Should I Schedule Ongoing Maintenance With an Austin Asphalt Company?

Why Should I Schedule Ongoing Maintenance With an Austin Asphalt Company? Asphalt paving can be the perfect material for virtually any type of pavement. Nationwide, asphalt is used more frequently than concrete for parking lots, city streets, highways, and suburban driveways. Asphalt pavements are fast and economical to construct, offer a quieter ride, and provide certain safety benefits. However, throughout its life, an asphalt pavement will need a little attention from time to time. The best way to ensure that your pavement gets the care it needs is to schedule ongoing maintenance with a reputable Austin asphalt company.

What Are the Advantages of Choosing an Austin Asphalt Company for Ongoing Pavement Maintenance?

First of all, there is little that experienced asphalt contractors have not previously encountered. This is especially true for asphalt paving companies that also offer maintenance and repair services. They have learned how to identify the causes and sources of damage, including the premature failure of a pavement. Second, asphalt paving companies already have access to the equipment, tools, and supplies that they will need; many of these items are used for multiple purposes. Lastly, an experienced asphalt company in Austin Texas understands the area’s weather, traffic patterns, and public perceptions. Thus, all things considered, an asphalt company is the logical choice for your ongoing pavement maintenance.

How Does an Ongoing Maintenance Plan Benefit Customers of an Asphalt Company?

A trustworthy asphalt contractor can help you save money, generate a positive image, and help you comply with all relevant laws.

1. Money: Without professional maintenance from reliable asphalt companies, pavements can require frequent repairs just to maintain their functionality. Over time, these repairs normally become more expensive and more frequent. In less than a decade, the entire pavement may need to be reconstructed, especially if the foundation has been seriously compromised. When you ask an Austin asphalt company to provide your ongoing maintenance, you can save a substantial amount of money over the years.
2. Image: No restaurant, grocery store, hotel, or shopping center wants to be identified as “the one with the lousy parking lot.” People do not want to risk damaging their cars or injuring themselves in a parking lot riddled with potholes and other hazards. Furthermore, some people will judge the overall quality of your services or products by the attention you pay to details. If you seem to find the condition of your pavements insignificant, what else might you be willing to ignore? If you appear to have little desire to provide your customers or guests with a welcoming, safe environment, would you address any issues they might encounter should they choose to patronize your business?
3. Legalities: The regulations contained in the Americans with Disabilities Act are federal laws that require your compliance if you are to avoid fines. However, there can be municipal ordinances with which you must also comply. Furthermore, experienced asphalt contractors know of many lawsuits filed by people who injured themselves or damaged their vehicles on a poorly maintained pavement.

What Services Should an Austin Asphalt Contractor Include in an Ongoing Maintenance Plan?

The best asphalt companies take numerous factors into account when designing an ongoing maintenance plan. Your short-term and long-term plans, the condition and age of your pavement, and the traffic your street or parking lot supports are some of these factors. Based on the information your asphalt contractor collects, a plan for your specific pavement will be formulated. Typically, an asphalt company in Austin Texas will recommend all or most of the following services.

1. Timely Crack Repairs: Knowledgeable asphalt companies recognize that open cracks pose a serious threat to the structural integrity of your pavement. Cracks will expand in all three dimensions until they are filled or sealed. While they are growing, they can spawn additional cracks as well as potholes. Unrepaired cracks and other pavement breaks allow water to reach the foundation and destroy its structural integrity. After a certain point, the only cost-effective solution asphalt paving companies can recommend is to remove the existing pavement and rebuild it.
2. Asphalt Sealcoating: Although surprisingly inexpensive, sealcoating is considered by many asphalt contractors as the most critical maintenance procedure available. Sealcoating helps protect against damage from automotive fluids and UV rays, two very formidable enemies of asphalt pavements. In addition, sealcoating enhances the appearance of the pavement, and it also improves traction on the pavement.
3. Other Services: Depending on the type of pavement, an asphalt company may recommend several additional services. For parking lots, vibrant, undamaged lines and markings are crucial. Traffic signs are vital safety features on thoroughfares and in parking lots. Curbs, gutters, and drains need to be intact, properly aligned, and unclogged.

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