Is Your Local Asphalt Maintenance Company Fully Insured?

Why Your Local Asphalt Maintenance Company Should Be Fully Insured

Why Your Local Asphalt Maintenance Company Should Be Fully InsuredIf you search the internet, you will be able to find numerous articles explaining what you should look for in an asphalt maintenance company. Most of them will advise you to look for a contractor with expertise in the type of maintenance that you need, and they may recommend that you ask for and verify references. However, virtually every article will strongly advise you to make sure that your contractor is fully insured.

Is Your Local Asphalt Maintenance Company Fully Insured?

There are three fundamental reasons that you want your paving maintenance company to be fully insured.

1. Things can sometimes go wrong, and you do not want to be held financially responsible for remedying the situation.
2. Pavement companies Texas customers can trust will abide by the laws that require certain types of insurance, including workers’ comp and vehicle liability insurance.
3. Parking lot maintenance companies that are not insured could be attempting to reduce their costs, and this could be an indication that they might take other cost-cutting measures that could result in an inferior job.

What Insurance Should an Asphalt Maintenance Company Carry?

Whether performing paving maintenance or installing asphalt paving Austin TX contractors could carry a variety of insurance policies. There are two types of insurance, however, that all paving maintenance and parking lot paving contractors should carry.

1. Workers’ compensation insurance covers the contractor’s employees who are handling your job. If a worker suffers a job-related injury or illness, the contractor’s workers’ comp policy will pay for the employee to receive medical care and other assistance. Otherwise, you could be held liable for these costs, and your property or general business insurance policies might not cover your losses in full.
2. General liability insurance covers people other than the contractor’s workers who suffer an injury or property damage due to the actions of your parking lot maintenance contractor’s employees. For example, when sealcoating parking lot pavements, a worker might accidentally allow sealant to drift onto a car parked in an adjacent lot, or one of your clients could trip and fall over a tool that the contractor left near the entrance to your building.

A third type of insurance is nice to have, but not all paving maintenance companies carry it. This is known as an umbrella policy, and its purpose is to provide coverage for losses in excess of what the contractor’s other policies will cover. To use a highly unlikely scenario as an example, suppose an employee of a parking lot maintenance contractor manages to crash a truck into the showroom at a Ferrari dealership, damaging the structure and destroying all 15 vehicles inside the showroom. The damages total $700,000. The contractor’s commercial vehicle liability insurance is included in his general liability insurance, but the maximum coverage is $500,000. An umbrella policy could cover the balance of $200,000.

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