How To Maintain Your New Asphalt Paving Surface

How To Maintain Your New Asphalt Paving Surface

How To Maintain Your New Asphalt Paving SurfaceAsphalt paving is the leading choice in North America for pavements of all types and sizes. Asphalt is comparatively inexpensive, rapid to install, and easy to repair and maintain. Asphalt pavements are quiet, attractive, and safe, and they can last for decades. However, for your new pavement to reach its full life expectancy without frequent or costly repairs, it needs proper maintenance.

How Often Does Asphalt Paving Require Maintenance?

Whether your asphalt company installs a new pavement or an overlay, it needs to get started on the right path. The first year of its life is critical, but it will also need periodic maintenance. Some asphalt maintenance procedures are only necessary every two years or so. However, other procedures may be necessary once or twice every year. In addition, there is one paving maintenance procedure that will likely be necessary every 10 to 12 years.

What Maintenance Does an Asphalt Pavement Need During Its First Year?

A new pavement or pavement overlay should not require a great deal of maintenance initially. During the first year, it is more a matter of treating your pavement with kindness.

1. Your asphalt company will tell you how long you should wait before you let vehicles use your pavement. Depending on a variety of factors, you will need to wait a minimum of 24 hours. In most cases, the waiting time is seldom longer than three days.
2. You should sealcoat your pavement within its first year. However, you cannot sealcoat it until it cures sufficiently, which is normally at least 90 days.
3. If vehicles leak oil, brake fluid, gas, or other automotive fluids, you need to remove them promptly. Otherwise, these fluids will break down the binder in the pavement. Removing these fluids is especially critical in the months you are waiting to sealcoat your pavement.
4. Avoid leaving heavy loads in one place for more than two or three days. Move parked cars to different spaces, and shift pallets of heavy products around.
5. Discourage drivers from turning their steering wheels while their vehicles are stationary. If possible, take steps to prevent them from speeding, executing sharp turns, or practicing their stunts.

What Maintenance Does an Asphalt Pavement Need During Once or Twice Per Year?

A thorough inspection of your pavement every six months can help identify issues before they can evolve into costly repairs.

1. Look for any cracks that are more than a quarter of an inch wide or deep. If you find any, ask your paving maintenance contractor to repair them as soon as possible.
2. Check to make sure that grates, gutters, and drains are not clogged. If necessary, clean them so that water can flow freely from your pavement.
3. Look for signs of unusual wear patterns. Tire ruts, ripples in the surface of your pavement, or exposed aggregate can indicate a problem.
4. Make sure that your traffic signs, wheel stops, and painted markings are intact. If not, repair, replace, or repaint them.

What Maintenance Does an Asphalt Pavement Need Every Two to Three Years?

If you have a typical parking lot, you will need to have your contractor apply fresh sealcoating about every two years. Other types of pavements may only need sealcoating every three to five years. Sealcoating obscures pavement markings, so you will need to repaint them after sealcoating.

What Is the One Maintenance Procedure That Asphalt Paving May Need Every 10 to 12 Years?

Asphalt resurfacing is a fast and economical way to obtain the appearance and performance of a new pavement without the associated expense. The asphalt resurfacing process involves using an asphalt milling machine to grind away two or three inches of the pavement. The contractor can then install an asphalt pavement overlay. Not all pavements are suitable for resurfacing. However, only your asphalt company can assess whether it is a feasible option for you.

Can RDC Paving Help Me With My Asphalt Maintenance?

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