How To Compare Asphalt Paving Bids

How To Compare Asphalt Paving Bids

How To Compare Asphalt Paving BidsIf you are like most people, when you needed to build, resurface, or replace an asphalt pavement, you started by creating a list of possible contractors. After selecting the best candidates, you asked each contractor to provide you with a detailed bid, and you now have the quotes on your desk. You may be tempted to just hire the contractor who submitted the lowest bid, but this could be a mistake. You need to compare each asphalt paving bid to determine which one actually provides you with the most value. If you are not certain how to compare the bids, the follow information may provide you with the guidance you need.

How Detailed Are the Asphalt Paving Bids You Received?

Asphalt contractors need to tender bids that include much more information than just the total charges. Even a bid that just separates the material charges from the labor charges is not sufficient to allow you to truly compare it with the detailed bids. Depending on the precise asphalt paving services you need, the amount of detail can vary. For example, if you requested bids from parking lot paving contractors to reconstruct your pavement, the bids should separate the charge for removing and hauling away your existing pavement. However, these costs may not appear if you are having the contractor install an asphalt overlay on top of an existing concrete pavement.

What Type of Asphalt Is Each Asphalt Contractor Planning to Use?

Asphalt is available in several different types, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Thus, each type can have a different cost. One thing you need to remember is that contractors pay roughly the same per ton for asphalt paving in Texas. Contractors who quote a significantly higher or lower material cost may be planning on using a different type than the other contractors.

Is Each Asphalt Paving Contractor Bidding on the Same Project Scope?

It is not enough for a parking lot resurfacing or parking lot paving contractor to tell you how many square feet of asphalt will be installed. Asphalt pavements have three dimensions, and the square footage only provides you with two of them. The depth, which should always be the compacted thickness, must also be shown. Otherwise, there is a risk that some quotes could be for a thinner pavement than others. If the bids also show the tons of asphalt the project requires, you can use this to help identify any discrepancies in thickness.

How Much Difference Is There in the Labor Cost for Your Paving Services?

You should ask for an explanation if any asphalt contractor quotes a substantially lower cost for labor. Although it is not universally true, drastically cheaper labor costs could indicate that the contractor’s employees are less experienced or less well-trained than those working for the other contractors. It could also indicate that the contractor plans to use casual laborers, and they may not be up to the task.

How Do the Incidental Costs for Your Asphalt Paving Services Compare?

Incidental costs will vary by project, so you may notice some, none, or all of the following line items.

1. Who will pay for any permits needed for your project?
2. Is there a line item showing the transportation costs to move the asphalt from the batch plant to your site? Since most contractors use the plant closest to the customer’s site, you should question any major differences in this cost.
3. Does the contractor list mobilization costs? Mobilization costs are the expenses contractors incur to transport their equipment and employees to your site. Therefore, the greater the distance between the contractor’s yard and your site, the higher your mobilization costs should be.
4. In the case of parking lot resurfacing, what is the depth of the existing asphalt that will be removed? In most cases, this will be equivalent to the thickness of the replacement asphalt.

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