How Long Does an Austin Asphalt Overlay Last?

How Long Does an Austin Asphalt Overlay Last?

How Long Does an Austin Asphalt Overlay Last?When your contractor completed the construction of your asphalt pavement, you likely noticed its smooth surface and dark color. You felt that your new pavement made the right kind of impression on everyone who saw it. Much to your chagrin, time, use, and the weather have marred your pavement’s pristine beauty. The color has been bleached by the sun to an unsightly gray. A network of crack repairs snakes across your pavement, and various patches are obvious. You are no longer happy with the message your pavement conveys, but a reconstruction will be inconvenient and costly. You might not realize it, but an asphalt overlay may be a faster and less expensive solution.

What Is an Asphalt Overlay?

An asphalt pavement overlay is what some contractors call asphalt resurfacing. Contractors lay fresh asphalt over a properly prepared existing pavement to create a new surface.

How Long Will an Austin Asphalt Overlay Last?

Just like new asphalt construction, the longevity of an overlay will depend on several factors. The pavement’s load is one factor, and another factor is the quality of the maintenance that the overlay receives. Other factors include the pavement’s drainage, the thickness of the overlay, and type of soil under the pavement. Most asphalt paving companies in Texas estimate the longevity of overlays as between eight and 15 years. Every year of life you can obtain from your overlay lets you defer a reconstruction project for a similar period. This can be important if you need time to budget the time and money for a reconstruction. It may also matter if you plan to expand your site or move your business. Your contractor can provide you with a more precise estimate after completing a thorough assessment of your site.

How Do Asphalt Companies Install Asphalt Overlays?

Although there may be some minor variations, here are the steps that most contractors follow to install an Austin asphalt overlay.

1. Inspect the existing pavement to ascertain its true condition and identify potential problems.
2. Use a milling machine to remove an appropriate depth of the existing asphalt. This is seldom less than 1.5 inches or more than three inches.
3. Perform any asphalt repairs to damage that the milling did not remove.
4. Apply a bonding agent to help the overlay adhere to the existing pavement.
5. Install and compact the proper number of asphalt courses to return the pavement to its correct height.

Can Asphalt Paving Companies in Texas Overlay Any Pavement?

Theoretically, asphalt companies could install an overlay on any pavement. The problem is that not all pavements are suitable for asphalt resurfacing. Either the procedure would be more expensive than asphalt construction, or the overlay could have a very short life. The following five scenarios describe pavements that would be good candidates for overlaying.

1. The pavement damage does not go very deep into the structure.
2. Cracks and potholes do not cover more than about 25% of the pavement.
3. The foundation supporting the pavement is relatively intact and stable.
4. There is little or no alligator cracking present.
5. The aesthetic appeal of the pavement is of paramount importance.

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