HOA Asphalt Maintenance: Best Practices You Need to Know About

HOA Asphalt Maintenance: Best Practices You Need to Know About

HOA Asphalt Maintenance: Best Practices You Need to Know About A homeowners’ association (HOA) is responsible for many things, but one of the most important tasks for an HOA is keeping the community safe, attractive and well-maintained. That involves more than just lawn care for public spaces! It also includes HOA asphalt maintenance.

It’s the job of Austin HOAs to keep neighborhood streets, parking lots and other paved surfaces in good shape over the long haul. But what should asphalt maintenance for HOA entail? Here are a few best practices every HOA should adopt.

What Types of Services Should HOA Asphalt Maintenance Include?

Many people look at asphalt pavement and think it’s indestructible. While asphalt is a tough material, it can experience more damage than most realize. Poor maintenance can lead to significant cracking, potholes, raveling and more. Not only are those issues unsightly, but they can also lead to even greater issues.

Poor HOA pavement maintenance can significantly reduce property values and community appeal, so every Austin HOA should include regular asphalt maintenance in its annual budget.

There are many different types of services available. The most common that a homeowners’ association will use include sealcoating, repairs and crackfilling.

Crackfilling can stop damage in its track while sealing voids to prevent water penetration. Meanwhile, patch repairs can correct more extensive damage. Sealcoating is a long-term maintenance task that restores asphalt’s appearance and protects it from the elements.

Those are a few basic forms of HOA pavement maintenance. However, a reliable contractor can provide many other services that benefit your community.

How Often Should Communities Schedule HOA Pavement Maintenance?

HOA pavement maintenance should be a year-round effort.

Generally, it’s best for a homeowners’ association to hire a contractor at least once a year for inspections. Professionals can assess the pavement, spot potential issues and perform necessary repairs to prevent long-term damage. Performing repairs as needed can mitigate damage and save communities money by avoiding major repair work.

Sealcoating is a service HOAs will need less often. Most asphalt surfaces need sealcoating every three to five years.

Is Asphalt Maintenance Exclusive to Community Streets?

Contrary to popular belief, not just streets need HOA asphalt maintenance. Many communities have several public spaces that require attention. These include parking lots for community buildings, asphalt footpaths and bike trails, street parking, etc.

Depending on the type of features in your community, your HOA pavement maintenance needs may be more extensive. For example, communities with public parking spaces will need annual line-striping services to keep fire lanes, parking spots and traffic markings visible.

How Can Communities Schedule Maintenance for HOAs to Minimize Disruptions?

Standard HOA asphalt maintenance can be disruptive for residents, but these services are necessary for a community’s long-term safety and beauty. The best thing an Austin HOA can do is schedule these services well in advance.

Provide plenty of notice and consider creating detours to minimize disruptions and keep your community flowing smoothly.

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Our services are comprehensive. They include new asphalt paving, sealcoating, repairs, concrete work, parking lot maintenance and more.

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