Things to Ask Before Hiring an Austin Sealcoating Contractor

Things to Ask Before Hiring an Austin Sealcoating Contractor

Things to Ask Before Hiring an Austin Sealcoating ContractorPeriodic applications of a high-quality sealcoat can enhance your pavement’s appearance while protecting it from structural damage. To get the most value from a sealant application, you should ensure that you hire an experienced Austin sealcoating contractor. Asking potential contractors the following questions can help you decide whether a contractor is right for your project.

How Long Have You Been Sealcoating in Austin TX?

You might think that contractors face the same challenges when sealcoating parking lots in different regions. However, seal coating is extremely finicky about the weather conditions at the time of application. The weather in Austin is much different than the weather in Las Vegas, Miami, or San Diego. You need a contractor who has experience in sealcoating asphalt pavements in Central Texas. These contractors will have a better understanding of how to deal with any challenges that the weather might present. Naturally, you want to ask how long the sealcoating company has been in business. However, you should be more concerned with how many years the contractor has been sealcoating parking lots specifically in Austin.

Will You Provide Me With Proof That Your Company Has the Appropriate Insurance for an Austin Sealcoating Contractor?

Uninsured sealcoating contractors increase your risk of being held liable for any injuries or property damage occurring on your property. Your sealcoating contractor should have at least three types of insurance. A fourth type of insurance is optional, but it is highly desirable.

1. Workers’ compensation covers the contractor’s employees if they are injured on the job. It does not cover anyone else, including your employees.
2. Vehicle liability insurance is mandatory in Texas. Every vehicle that the contractor owns that will be on your property should be insured.
3. General liability insurance covers claims made by you or others for injuries or property damage. It does not cover injuries to the contractor’s employees, and it does not cover damage to the company’s vehicles. Sealcoating contractors should carry general liability insurance with a policy limit of no less than $500,000.
4. Umbrella policies kick in when claims exceed the limits of other insurance policies. If your asphalt maintenance contractor has an umbrella policy, it should have a limit of no less than $1 million.

Do You Have References for Work You Performed as an Austin Sealcoating Contractor?

Contractors who have been sealcoating asphalt pavements locally should have extensive lists of former clients to serve as references. Ask for customers whose jobs were similar to yours in scope, complexity, and size. Once you have the references, be sure to call them to ask a few questions. Ask whether the contractor was respectful and professional, whether you received quality work, and whether there were any unresolved issues.

What Work Will You Perform on My Pavement Before You Apply My Sealcoating?

Contractors usually need to complete several tasks before the actual application begins, especially when sealcoating parking lots.

1. The contractor will need to repair any significant cracks. Significant cracks are those that are greater than approximately a quarter inch deep or wide.
2. The contractor will need to thoroughly clean the pavement. The cleaning should include the removal of loose gravel, trash, grass clippings, dirt, fallen leaves, and other debris. It also includes cleaning up puddles of oil and other vehicle fluids.
3. Sealcoating contractors often need to apply a primer to certain areas. Typically, these are areas in which it may otherwise be difficult for the seal coating to adhere. If there are patches with polished aggregate, or if there are stains from vehicle fluids, a primer may be advisable.

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