Six Steps for Hiring an Austin Concrete Contractor

Six Steps for Hiring an Austin Concrete Contractor

Six Steps for Hiring an Austin Concrete Contractor A concrete pavement can withstand extremely heavy loads for many decades if it is properly designed and installed. Thus, the skill, experience, and diligence of the Austin concrete contractor you hire are of paramount importance. During the process of hiring a contractor, there are six steps that can help you select the best company for your project.

What Are the Six Steps for Hiring an Austin Concrete Contractor?

In many cases, hiring a concrete contractor in Austin TX will actually require more than six steps. However, that is normally only true if you have a massive project, a project with multiple sites, or list even the tiniest steps separately.

1. Consider what you want your local concrete contractor to construct.
2. Create a list of potential Austin concrete contractors to contact.
3. Conduct preliminary interviews with 10 or 12 concrete installations contractors.
4. Pare your list of potential contractors down to a maximum of six and solicit quotes from them.
5. Compare quotes carefully.
6. Perform your due diligence on the concrete contractor in Austin TX that you plan to hire.

Why Should I Consider What I Want an Austin Concrete Contractor to Construct?

Although you might think that all concrete contractors offer identical services, they do not. Some concrete installations contractors specialize in vertical installations, while other contractors only perform flatwork. Furthermore, there can be substantial differences in the type or size of projects that local concrete contractors typically handle. Thus, not every contractor will have identical experience, skills, or equipment. For example, a concrete driveway contractor or sidewalk contractor may not understand everything that is required to install loading dock ramps.

How Do I Find Potential Austin Concrete Contractors?

You can start by asking friends, relatives, and other business owners or property managers for recommendations. If your sources state that they were very happy with the work that a local concrete contractor did for them, add the company’s name to your list. From there, go online to search for additional candidates. Use keywords to increase the likelihood that the results will be relevant. For example, you could search for concrete parking lot contractors in Austin to narrow the results to contractors in Austin who install parking lots.

What Should I Ask Potential Concrete Installations Contractors During a Preliminary Interview?

The purpose of conducting preliminary interviews is to weed out contractors who are not interested in your project, do not have the right capability, or do not have a professional attitude.

1. Ask how long the candidate has been a local concrete contractor operating under the current company name.
2. Ask whether their workers are employees, subcontractors, or casual laborers.
3. Ask whether they can provide proof of general liability, workers’ compensation, and vehicle liability insurance.
4. Ask each Austin concrete contractor whether it will be possible for you to receive a list of references.

Pay attention to how each concrete contractor in Austin TX you are considering answers your questions. A professional, trustworthy local concrete contractor will not speak to you in a rude or condescending manner. The best concrete installations contractors will patiently explain every step your project will involve. Furthermore, they will respond to your inquiry within a reasonable time.

How Do I Reduce My List of Possible Austin Concrete Contractors?

The first contractors to eliminate are those who do not install the type of concrete pavement that you want. The answers contractors gave during your preliminary interview can also help you shorten your list. However, your instincts can come into play as well. If you doubt the veracity or sincerity of certain contractors, at the very least, you should move them to the bottom of your preliminary list to see if the other candidates are more suitable. After identifying your top candidates, ask each for a detailed, written quote.

How Do I Compare Quotes to Choose an Austin Concrete Contractor?

Some people create spreadsheets, but other people simply lay out the quotes side-by-side and begin comparing them.

1. Check to see whether each contractor plans to use the same type of concrete mix.
2. Verify the quantities of concrete mix every local concrete contractor plans to use.
3. Verify how thick each concrete contractor in Austin TX plans to make each slab.
4. Verify that each contractor plans to install the same square footage.
5. Check for additional features, including the placement of expansion joints, the use of a reinforcing material, and the surface finish.
6. Look for incidental expenses, including the demolition of an existing pavement, debris removal, and permit costs.
7. Compare the total hours of labor involved.
8. The last thing to check is the total price for your project. If one contractor quotes a price that is significantly lower or higher than the others, you might want to ask for an explanation.

How Do I Perform Due Diligence on an Austin Concrete Contractor?

Due diligence is simply an investigation to uncover as many facts as you can about the concrete contractor in Austin TX you plan to hire.

1. Check the company’s Better Business Bureau rating. Most Austin concrete contractors are verified and rated, but the lack of a history with the BBB is not necessarily a red flag.
2. There are many online forums and sites where former customers post information about their experiences with contractors. Visit a few of these to check your candidate’s online reputation.
3. Check that the company is appropriately registered. The proper agency depends on the business structure of the company. For example, in Texas, corporations file a certificate of formation with the Secretary of State. If the contractor operates a sole proprietorship under an assumed name, the DBA must be filed in every county in which the contractor maintains a business premise or conducts business under that name.
4. Your local concrete contractor should have provided you with proof of insurance that includes the company issuing the policies. Call to verify that the policies are valid.

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