Five Critical Things You Should Know About Asphalt Overlays

Five Critical Things You Should Know About Asphalt Overlays

Even the most proficient asphalt contractor cannot build a pavement that will last for centuries. Time, wear, and nature will eventually begin to show their effects. There comes a point where many people think that the only solution to a tired, worn-out pavement is a total reconstruction. However, asphalt overlays are often the best solution for pavements that have seen much better days.

What Are Asphalt Overlays?

An asphalt overlay is the installation of new layers of asphalt on top of an existing pavement. The procedure is sometimes referred to as asphalt resurfacing.

What Are Five Important Facts About Asphalt Overlays?

1. Asphalt resurfacing can be completed for a fraction of the cost of removing and replacing an existing asphalt pavement. In addition to saving you money, an overlay can minimize the inconvenience to you and those who use your pavement because the process is much faster than a total reconstruction.
2. When installed by a reputable asphalt paving Texas contractor, an overlay will be virtually indistinguishable from a new pavement in terms of ride and appearance. Very few people will be able to tell whether your pavement has been resurfaced or rebuilt if your asphalt company does the job correctly.
3. Overlays allow curbs and gutters, grates, manhole covers, transitions, and other features to be retained at their original elevations. Instead of just laying asphalt on top of an existing asphalt pavement, your paving contractor will grind away the top two or three inches of the pavement before installing new asphalt.
4. An overlay may not be a cost-effective option if the pavement’s foundation has been severely compromised, or the damage to the pavement itself is extremely deep or widespread. Other factors influence the feasibility of an overlay, but the general rule is that foundation or pavement damage should not exceed about 30% of the entire structure.
5. Just like a new asphalt pavement, overlays should receive preventive maintenance and timely repairs. Proper care helps ensure the integrity of the pavement’s foundation, which means that the same pavement can receive an overlay as often as it needs one. In fact, some stretches of the interstate highway system have gone for more than 50 years with just periodic resurfacing.

Does an Overlay Have the Same Life Expectancy as a New Asphalt Pavement?

The volume of traffic, the weights of the vehicles, and the amount of care given to any pavement can affect its life expectancy. However, an asphalt company will typically estimate the useful life of an overlay at between 50% and 75% of a new pavement’s life, depending on other factors. In some cases, overlays have actually lasted longer than the original pavement.

Can Overlays Be Installed on Concrete Pavements?

There are many examples of successful overlays on concrete pavements. However, overlaying concrete is not without its challenges, so you should consult a reputable, experienced asphalt paving Texas contractor to evaluate your specific concrete pavement.

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