Looking For A Concrete Sidewalk Contractor In Central Texas?

The Benefits Of Concrete Sidewalks In Austin Texas

Looking For A Concrete Sidewalk Contractor In Central Texas?  When you need a concrete sidewalk contractor you can trust, RDC Paving is here to serve! Concrete sidewalks are a fantastic investment for properties of all sizes. Whether you’re managing a municipal project poised to make a town more walkable or your own commercial space full of pedestrian activity, sidewalks can make a property safer, more functional and more accessible. Here’s what you need to know about hiring an Austin concrete sidewalk contractor.

Why Should I Hire Professionals for My Concrete Sidewalk in Central Texas?

Constructing a new concrete walkway is more complex than you might think. It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple concrete walkway connecting a parking lot to a building entrance or a winding pathway throughout your commercial property. There are many important considerations to make to ensure your investment lasts.

When you hire a concrete sidewalk company, you pay for experience and expertise. At RDC Paving, we’ve been constructing concrete sidewalks for nearly a decade, and our team members have several more decades of experience with this type of work.

We know how to do things right. From preparing the subgrade for maximum weight-bearing capacity to choosing the right concrete mix, we do it all and work closely with you to ensure the final product meets your needs.

What’s the Process for Installing a Walkway?

Installing a new Central Texas concrete sidewalk is a multi-step process. It starts with excavation and site preparation. Teams will remove unusable soil, tree roots, vegetation and other debris. Then, professionals will perform soil tests to determine what your property needs to support your concrete sidewalk. Next comes subgrade preparation to build up the foundation, achieve the right drainage slope and more.

Your concrete sidewalk company will then build forms and add reinforcements like rebar or concrete mesh. After choosing the right formula, trucks will transport the concrete mix to the site for pouring.

An experienced Austin concrete sidewalk contractor will use various tools to compact the mix and remove air voids. After screeding and smoothing the surface, teams will take steps to ensure your concrete sidewalk cures properly. After curing, the only thing left is removing the forms.

What Types of Equipment Does a Sidewalk Contractor Use?

Another reason you want to hire an Austin concrete sidewalk contractor is to ensure teams have all the equipment they need to complete your project. Contractors have access to various light- and heavy-duty equipment that’s purpose-built for installing a concrete sidewalk in Central Texas.

For example, you might see teams using Bobcats during the site-prep phase. Later, they’ll use vibration tools and screeders to help with compaction. Then, they might utilize high-powered saws to create joints.

How Can a Concrete Sidewalk Contractor Ensure Lasting Durability?

An experienced concrete sidewalk company understands how the material can change over time. Concrete is tough, but it’s common for cracks to occur after settling. While they’re normal, cracks can be costly to fix. Plus, they can pave the way to more extensive structural integrity issues.

Professionals plan for those cracks and implement unique measures to avoid them. Some examples include control and expansion joints. Control joints give the concrete a place to crack uniformly, maintaining the smooth surface while providing the structure the room it needs to settle. Meanwhile, expansion joints accommodate the material’s natural movement during temperature swings. Both of those measures can prolong the life of your concrete walkways.

Why Should I Hire RDC Paving?

Let RDC Paving build your concrete sidewalk in Central Texas! We’re Austin’s most trusted concrete sidewalk contractor. We’ve helped countless clients get the beautiful Central Texas concrete sidewalk they need to enhance their property. We pride ourselves on offering attentive service. Our team works closely with each client to understand their needs, allowing us to create an amazing experience while getting the insight required to deliver results that exceed their expectations.

Call us today to learn more, discuss your project and get a free quote. You can reach us by phone at (512)920-9155, through email at ryan@rdcpaving.com or with your online contact form.

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