Is It Time For Concrete Replacement in Austin, Texas?

Is It Time For Concrete Replacement in Austin, Texas?

Is It Time For Concrete Replacement in Austin, Texas?Concrete is one of the strongest construction materials around. But contrary to popular belief, it’s not indestructible. While you can make repairs and invest in services that help restore damaged concrete, some forms of damage are too far gone. In those cases, you’ll need concrete replacement. Concrete replacement in Austin is a process that involves removing damaged concrete and replacing it with fresh concrete.

It’s a great middle-ground between repairs and full-on replacements. Instead of paying for the full cost of reconstruction, concrete replacement specialists can work on the affected area and provide a brand-new, long-lasting surface.

Is Concrete Replacement in Austin Suitable for All Projects?

Concrete is a versatile material used in everything from building foundations and sidewalks to structural pillars and walls. Concrete replacement is a vital service that can prolong the life of any concrete structures on your property. However, it’s not always suitable.

Generally, this service is best for concrete slabs. Structures like parking lots, walkways and even some foundations may benefit from concrete slab replacement. Those structures typically have reinforcement that your concrete replacement company can reuse. The damaged area may be part of a more expansive pavement, and concrete slab replacement would be a way to address issues without disrupting surrounding structures.

However, pillars and other complex structures may require full reconstruction. It all depends on the structure’s engineering and the extent of the damage. If you’re unsure if concrete replacement is suitable, contact a concrete replacement company for advice.

What are the Signs That I Need Austin Texas Replacement?

Many signs point to concrete slab replacement being the right move for addressing damage and repair work. One of the most common is the sheer size of the damage. Small cracks and holes aren’t a huge problem; Most contractors can repair them without hassle. But when the damage is exhaustive and makes up a significant portion of the concrete structure, that’s a different story.

In those cases, the damage is too extensive for simple repairs. Large holes that span several feet in width indicate a bigger underlying problem. Even if teams made simpler repairs, there’s a greater chance that the problem will happen again!

Sinking and uneven slabs are also common signs that you need to get Austin Texas concrete replacement. Some settling and light cracking are normal. But when slabs sink to the point of creating significant buckling and uneven surfaces, it indicates a foundation problem.

No amount of simple repairs will address foundation problems. Therefore, you need concrete slab replacement services to ensure your structures are safe.

How Does Concrete Replacement in Austin Work?

The concrete replacement process is relatively straightforward. Your concrete replacement contractor will begin by removing the old concrete in chunks. Typically, they’ll use concrete saws and other precise excavation equipment. The goal is to remove the damaged sections as cleanly as possible while saving the rest.

Concrete replacement specialists usually attempt to remove concrete while preserving the reinforcement. The reinforcement gives large spans structural integrity. Removing it for concrete slab replacement would only affect the surrounding pieces.

Once the damaged sections are gone, teams will compact the ground beneath. Foundation issues are often the cause of significant damage. Your concrete replacement company will work to rebuild the foundation, compact the soil and add additional aggregate to ensure it supports the new concrete.

After the new foundation is ready, teams can pour new concrete. They treat it like a fresh pour, taking all measures to achieve a smooth finish and proper curing process.

Why Should I Hire RDC Paving as My Replacement Contractor?

Don’t trust just anyone with your Austin Texas concrete replacement project! RDC Paving is an experienced concrete replacement contractor with years of experience helping clients with the same issues you’re encountering. At RDC Paving, we take an individualized approach to projects. We understand that every job is different, especially regarding concrete replacement. Our team listens to your needs, develops a plan and executes it in a way that guarantees top-notch results.

In addition to concrete replacement, we do new concrete paving, repairs, ADA-compliant features, curbs and more. We’re Austin’s go-to asphalt contractor, offering services like paving, repairs, sealcoating, etc.

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