Concrete Repair or Concrete Replacement?

Concrete Repair or Concrete Replacement?

There’s a reason why concrete is the go-to material for modern construction. It’s strong, reliable and versatile enough to work on projects of varying scopes and complexities. But despite all the benefits concrete provides, it’s not indestructible. When damage inevitably occurs, you have an important decision: Do you go with concrete repair or concrete replacement?

What Instances May Force Me to Decide Between Concrete Repair or Concrete Replacement?

Concrete is tough, but it’s not immune to damage. Many people panic when they see concrete repair work, especially on driveways, foundations or any other flatwork. However, damage is more common than most realize. Austin concrete repairs are necessary for a variety of reasons.

Some of the most common offenders are water penetration and poor soil conditions. Concrete is porous, and nonstop absorption and evaporation can lead to spider-like cracks. The same goes for concrete that experiences frequent freezing and thawing cycles. Austin concrete repair is also necessary whenever concrete sits on poorly compacted or eroded soil.

What Types of Concrete Repair in Austin are Possible?

Fortunately, concrete replacement isn’t always necessary. Skilled contractors have the experience and tools to address many forms of concrete damage. Concrete repair in Austin has come a long way, and newer techniques now make it easier to correct issues once thought to require replacement.

Contractors can easily fill cracks and perform seamless repairs with patching compounds. It’s even possible to perform concrete repairs for sunken slabs and uneven flooring. Instead of investing in costly concrete replacement, property owners can turn to contractors to address most issues quickly and effectively.

How Do Contractors Perform Common Austin Concrete Repairs?

Contractors can perform simple surface concrete repairs with specialty compounds. These compounds help fill gaps, cover voids and more.

It’s a fantastic solution to soil issues. These relatively new techniques give contractors fresh ways to solve common concrete problems while helping property owners avoid concrete replacement in Austin.

How Do I know if Concrete Repair or Concrete Replacement is the Better Choice for My Needs?

Concrete replacement in Austin is rarer nowadays, thanks to newer repair methods. However, many projects would benefit more from concrete replacement than simple repairs.

Generally, contractors recommend replacement whenever the damage is extensive and compromises overall structural integrity. It’s also wiser to replace concrete sections whenever the repair costs outweigh the expenses required to excavate and replace.

Whether you want simple repairs or need to invest in full concrete replacement in Austin, you can turn to RDC Paving. We’re Austin’s most trusted paving contractors, offering important services like new paving, sealcoating, repairs, soil stabilization, milling and reclamation, ADA-compliance features, pavement marking and more.

Our team aims to exceed your expectations. We approach every repair and replacement project with fresh eyes, working hard to develop solutions that work for your unique needs.

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