What Types of Concrete Curbs Are Available in Austin?

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What Types of Concrete Curbs Are Available in Austin?Throughout America, curbing has become a common site, especially in urban settings. However, unless you pay close attention, you might not realize that there are several types of concrete curbs in Austin.

What Is the Purpose of Concrete Curbs in Austin?

Depending on the style, concrete curbing in Austin can serve a variety of useful purposes.

1. Concrete curbing can help direct water to gutters or drains. Considering the frequency of storms in Central Texas, channeling runoff is one of the leading reasons why people hire concrete curbing companies.
2. Another reason for calling an Austin concrete curbing company is to discourage or prevent cars from intruding into certain areas. For example, you might want to prevent vehicles from striking your fence or structure, or you might want to prevent vehicles from entering an area reserved for pedestrians.
3. An Austin concrete curbing company can also install curbs that are partially or completely aesthetic. Curbs along the edges of a parking lot, for example, can add a finishing touch to the property. Landscapers sometimes incorporate concrete curbs that are primarily decorative.
4. When placed along the perimeter of an asphalt pavement, an Austin concrete curbing company can place curbs that can help protect the pavement. The curbs lend support to the edges of the pavement that could be prone to cracking or water infiltration.

How Do I Choose the Right Concrete Curbs in Austin?

The first step is to determine what you want your curbing to accomplish. For example, you might want to prioritize drainage, aesthetics, or vehicle control. You might even want your concrete curbing company to install curbs that serve more than one function. Once you have a general idea of what you want to accomplish, you can decide among the three basic types of concrete curbing in Austin.

1. Mountable: Mountable curbs slope down from the parking lot pavement or sidewalk to the pavement. When used at street intersections, mountable curbs make it easier for people pushing strollers, wheelchair users, and people using walkers to go between the street and the sidewalk. Another example of a mountable curb can be found where a residential driveway intersects a street that has concrete curbs installed.
2. Barrier: Barrier curbs prevent or strongly discourage drivers from crossing them. Depending on their height and other design features, barrier curbs can bring vehicles to a virtually instant stop, or they can leave drivers wondering how much damage they just inflicted on their cars. Barrier-style concrete curbing in Austin can help protect patrons at a sidewalk café, children at a playground, or pedestrians waiting in the median. An Austin concrete curbing contractor may also be asked to install barrier curbs to protect drivers from entering a dangerous area.
3. Decorative: Although decorative curbs are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, they can often serve additional functions. For example, they can be used around a landscaped area to prevent vehicle incursions and discourage pedestrian intrusions.

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