What Is the Most Critical Aspect of a Commercial Paving Project?

What Is the Most Critical Aspect of a Commercial Paving Project?

What Is the Most Critical Aspect of a Commercial Paving Project?Although there are many similarities between commercial and residential pavements, there are also significant differences between, for example, constructing a suburban driveway and building a parking lot for a major shopping mall. The scope of a commercial project tends to be much larger, and this adds complexities that your contractor must plan for and handle if the project is to be a success. Therefore, the most critical factor in any commercial paving project is the contractor chosen to complete the various steps involved to design, plan, and construct the pavement.

Why Is the Asphalt or Concrete Contractor Such a Critical Factor for the Success of a Commercial Paving Project?

Whether your project calls for an asphalt overlay, the construction of a new pavement on undeveloped land, or the removal and replacement of an existing pavement, your contractor will need to possess the expertise to manage an extremely complex series of details. For example, on an asphalt resurfacing project, one of the details that the contractor must address is the selection of the milling machine needed to remove the appropriate depth of existing asphalt efficiently. If the contractor is constructing a new pavement, the details can include clearing the site, potentially building an access road, or amending the soil. On a reconstruction, the contractor must determine the most efficient way to demolish the existing pavement and remove it from the site. Regardless of the type of pavement, paving contractors must also create the engineering specifications, schedule the appropriate equipment, arrange the deliveries of materials at the right times, and schedule the crew members needed for the project. You cannot afford to hire a contractor who might overlook a critical detail if you want to avoid unnecessary delays, cost overruns, or unsatisfactory results. Therefore, hiring an asphalt paving company of Austin who has the expertise to juggle the many details of your project without dropping a ball is absolutely critical.

How Do I Know Whether I Have Found the Right Commercial Paving Contractor?

To find the perfect contractor for your project, you will likely need to interview several candidates so that you can evaluate their suitability. Here are a few tips to help you navigate the selection process.

1. The contractor should be willing and able to explain every step that will be taken to complete your project. For example, if your project calls for resurfacing pavement, the contractor should be able to explain the entire asphalt overlay process without resorting to industry jargon unnecessarily.
2. There are several types of mixes that can be used to construct an asphalt pavement. Your contractor should be able to recommend the best mix for your particular project as well as provide you with sufficient information to justify the recommendation.
3. Any reputable asphalt paving company of Austin will be able to provide you with references from former clients. Look for references that are relevant to your type of project, then contact them to inquire about their satisfaction with the contractor’s work.
4. Try to limit your candidates to those who already own the equipment that will be needed for your job. Good equipment can be extremely expensive, so contractors usually maintain their rollers, milling machines, and other pieces of equipment very well. Well-maintained equipment is less likely to fail in the middle of a job.
5. Make sure that your contractor is properly insured. At the minimum, paving contractors should carry general liability and workers’ compensation insurance.
6. Find out how long your contractor has been in business under the same name. Contractors who have earned a bad reputation sometimes change the name of their company to escape their past.
7. You want to feel comfortable with any contractor you hire. If a contractor is disrespectful, does not return your messages within a reasonable time, or fails to keep appointments without contacting you, you might want to move on to the next candidate.

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