Do I Need Commercial Paving or Industrial Paving?

Do I Need Commercial Paving or Industrial Paving?

Do I Need Commercial Paving or Industrial Paving?Virtually every Texan has heard someone draw a comparison between two things by stating that they are “the same, only different.” You could easily apply this logic when comparing industrial and commercial pavements. On the surface, there do not seem to be any major differences beyond possibly size, but when you dig a little deeper, you may discover significant variations. To help you decide whether you need industrial or commercial paving, ask yourself three critical questions.

Are the Expected Loads Within Acceptable Tolerance Ranges for Commercial Paving?

Austin commercial paving is typically installed for clients who deal directly with the public. A commercial paving company may serve numerous clients in the retail, hospitality, housing, entertainment, financial, or recreational industries. A few examples include shopping centers, resorts and hotels, apartment complexes and condominiums, office parks, and restaurants. Although these businesses may need pavements to support a handful of trucks every day, most of their traffic comes from passenger vehicles. Since these vehicles are lighter in weight than fully loaded tractor-trailers, local commercial paving contractors can design pavements with less robust foundations and thinner depths of asphalt. However, a large industrial facility needs pavements that can support dozens or even hundreds of heavyweight vehicles over a 24-hour period.

How Important Is the Curb Appeal of My Paving?

Commercial paving companies are accustomed to incorporating aesthetic elements in the design of their pavements, especially for clients in the hospitality and retail industries. These clients want to entice potential customers to visit, then encourage them to keep coming back. A property that is well-maintained, attractive, and safe can help these clients achieve their goals. On the other hand, if you are responsible for a massive industrial facility, it is probably situated on the outskirts of a city, and you are more concerned about the durability of your paving project than its beauty. You do not need to impress members of the public or attract customers. Instead, your visitors are more likely to be truck drivers, representatives from your suppliers or vendors, or various inspectors. Safety, longevity, and convenience are typically your highest priorities for any pavements you construct.

How Much Maintenance Do You Plan to Give Your Industrial or Commercial Paving?

Local commercial paving can benefit from a comprehensive maintenance program to keep it looking its best. For example, cleaning your pavement periodically is an essential part of maintaining its curb appeal. Asphalt commercial pavements can benefit from routine applications of sealcoating to protect their structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. If you operate an industrial facility, your pavement is more likely to need periodic repairs than preventive maintenance, but even industrial pavements can benefit from routine maintenance. Nevertheless, you are probably more interested in having a paving company engineer a pavement that can withstand a certain amount of abuse.

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