What Is Commercial Paving? Austin, Texas

What Is Commercial Paving? Austin, Texas

What Is Commercial Paving? Austin, Texas

What Is Commercial Paving? Austin, TexasNothing will enhance a commercial property more than brand-new paving. Commercial paving refers to any asphalt surface on properties that serve the public somehow. You can see great examples of  commercial paving Austin Texas parking lots and driveways for retail stores, hospitality properties, apartment complexes, office buildings and more.

Asphalt paving on commercial properties gives drivers and pedestrians a safe, comfortable and reliable surface to use.

What are the Benefits of Commercial Paving?

There are many perks to investing in commercial asphalt paving. First, high-quality paving provides a better experience for customers. Commercial property owners strive to attract customers while delivering a top-notch experience that keeps them returning to support the business. Great paving does just that, offering a professional look and a comfortable surface for driving and parking.

Austin commercial paving also has a strong aesthetic appeal. Experienced paving companies can significantly improve curb appeal, creating a great impression for potential customers.

Finally, we have asphalt’s cost-efficiency and durability. While asphalt paving isn’t the only option available to commercial property owners, it’s a wise investment that lasts. It has lower upfront costs and can last for three decades or more with proper care, increasing property values over the long haul.

Is Asphalt Paving a Popular Choice for Commercial Properties?

Asphalt paving is among the most popular additions to commercial properties in Austin and beyond. The latest estimates say that roughly 90 percent of all parking lots in the United States are asphalt, a testament to the material’s versatility and resilience.

It’s not hard to see why it’s so popular. Not only is commercial paving economical and long-lasting, but it’s also beautiful and eco-friendly. Asphalt is the world’s most recycled material, so old asphalt that undergoes demolition gets a new life in brand-new paving elsewhere.

How Does Commercial Paving Differ from Residential or Industrial Paving?

Commercial paving in Austin Texas differs from other forms of paving in many ways.

Let’s look at residential paving. The most common form of home paving is driveways that need to support a few light-duty vehicles. While proper site and sub-base preparation are still important, there are fewer complexities involved.

Conversely, industrial paving requires more extensive engineering. Industrial properties house heavy trucks and equipment, requiring more substantial load-bearing capabilities from the asphalt paving. Therefore, industrial projects require more material, a thicker design and more careful engineering.

Commercial asphalt paving sits somewhere in the middle. It’s thicker than residential surfaces and requires significantly more prep work. Commercial paved surfaces must withstand non-stop traffic and greater elemental exposure, so the job is more involved for paving companies. However, it’s less extensive than industrial surfaces.

The goal of commercial asphalt paving is reliability and longevity.

Does Commercial Paving in Austin Texas Require Maintenance?

Proper maintenance is key to long-lasting commercial paving in Austin Texas. Regular care and attention can help prevent frequent repair work, keeping surfaces in good shape for many decades.

The most common maintenance tasks include occasional sealcoating and crack repair. Sealcoating every three to five years offers protection from water penetration, UV damage and more. Meanwhile, filling and sealing cracks address tripping hazards and water problems.

Commercial asphalt paving may also succumb to issues like alligator cracks and potholes. Fortunately, paving companies can easily fix those problems with patch repairs.

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