What Are Commercial Concrete Foundation Types in Texas?

What Are Commercial Concrete Foundation Types in Texas?

What Are Commercial Concrete Foundation Types in Texas?Choosing the right concrete foundation is an important first step when building a brand-new commercial building in Texas. While there are several foundation options for homes, the needs of a commercial building are far greater than those of a residential one!

Commercial properties can vary, but your building might need to support hundreds of people, heavy machinery, vehicles and more. Therefore, foundations must be stronger and more capable of supporting heavy loads. Concrete foundation contractors are there to guide you in the right direction based on your needs, the geological conditions of the site and more. But what type of commercial concrete foundation in Austin Texas is right for your property?

Here’s a quick breakdown of the most common commercial concrete foundation types available.

Why is a Slab-On-Grade Concrete Foundation Most Common in Texas?

Slab-on-grade foundations are among the most cost-effective options in Texas. However, the benefits of a concrete slab foundation go beyond cost savings. As the name implies, this foundation type consists of a thick base of concrete that contractors pour directly onto the soil in forms. They match the footprint of the building and provide support to the entire structure.

The depth of a concrete slab foundation varies, and your contractors can help determine what’s necessary for your site. But the great thing about these foundations is that they’re perfect for the warmer climate of Texas. Slab foundations are vulnerable to flooding and ground freezing. But in the warm heat of Texas, those issues aren’t a concern. Instead, concrete slab foundations provide great resilience to commercial buildings of all sizes. Plus, they’re not prone to pest infestations like other foundation types.

When is using a Mat Concrete Foundation in Austin Appropriate?

A mat foundation is similar to a concrete slab foundation. They, too, consist of a single poured slab. However, mat foundations have the addition of columns. Concrete foundation contractors will insert columns into the slab to support the building.

Typically, mat foundations are the go-to choice when the soil can’t fully support the load of a building. The columns provide extra stability, particularly in buildings with multiple stories.

Should I Use a Strip Concrete Foundation for My Commercial Building?

Strip foundation is a cost-effective solution for larger commercial buildings that require support over larger areas. Instead of a traditional concrete slab foundation with a single poured layer of concrete, strip foundations consist of thick strips of concrete that can support columns, walls, etc.

Concrete foundation contractors can create these strips based on the design of the building, ensuring that there’s support where necessary. This concrete foundation in Austin isn’t great for areas where water will flow over load-bearing soil. But it can support your commercial building well in high and dry locations.

Why are Pier and Beam Foundations So Costly?

Pier and beam concrete foundations in Austin Texas are ideal if the property is on loose soil or in an area with considerable wind exposure. It’s costly to install because these concrete foundations have several piers on sunken rectangular-shaped footings.

Unlike similar foundation types, drilling into the rocky soil level is unnecessary. However, it requires strategically placing the piers and footings to distribute the structure’s weight evenly. Pier and beam foundations are some of the most reliable when installed correctly. All those factors contribute to the higher costs.

Can I Get Individual Footing Concrete Foundation in Austin?

Individual footing concrete foundations in Austin are great for properties with shallow soil. The foundation includes individual footings that support a single column. Austin concrete foundation designs can vary, and the shape of the footings and size of the columns depends on the load-bearing capabilities of the soil.

Generally, individual footing foundations are affordable and versatile enough to meet the needs of commercial buildings that don’t require substantial support for ultra-heavy loads.

Why Would I Use Combined Footings Instead of a Concrete Slab Foundation?

Combined footing concrete foundations in Austin Texas are similar to individual footing foundations. But instead of a footing supporting a single column, combined footing foundations use open or spread footings to support multiple columns.

These foundation types are best for larger commercial buildings built on shallow ground. The combined footing design evenly distributes the load.

Who Should I Contact for a New Commercial Concrete Foundation?

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