When Is It Too Cold to Pour Concrete in Austin, Texas?

When Is It Too Cold to Pour Concrete in Austin, Texas?

When Is It Too Cold to Pour Concrete in Austin, Texas?For many decades, the prevailing wisdom has been that no other paving material offers the longevity and strength of concrete. This is no myth. There are existing examples of concrete works that were completed centuries ago, and they are still capable of supporting heavy loads. However, it is next to impossible to get the most out of concrete in Austin Texas if contractors do not follow the best practices for installing it. One of these best practices is to ensure that the temperature is within an acceptable range. Some people are amazed to learn that the temperature in the Austin area can sometimes drop below what is deemed acceptable for pouring concrete.

What Is the Minimum Acceptable Temperature for Pouring Concrete in Austin Texas?

Very few concrete companies will start a pour unless the temperature is above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. More than one Austin concrete company will not pour unless the temperature is at least five degrees above that minimum. Furthermore, the temperature at the time of the pour is not the only one that factors into the decision of whether to proceed with a concrete construction project. Concrete in Austin needs time to set, harden, and cure. If overnight temperatures drop below 40 degrees, Austin concrete will take longer to complete these steps. If the temperature reaches or falls below freezing, the strength, longevity, and appearance of the concrete construction can be negatively affected.

Are There Ways Contractors Can Compensate for Cold Weather When Pouring Concrete in Austin Texas?

There are indeed ways for concrete companies to work around cold weather. However, these methods will only succeed if conditions are reasonably close to the 40-degree mark. Furthermore, depending on the type of concrete work being performed, not every method is a feasible solution to the temperature problem. The line that no reputable Austin concrete company is willing to cross is normally 32 degrees Fahrenheit because the likelihood that the water in the mix will freeze. Following are a few methods that concrete companies sometimes use for pouring Austin concrete in cold weather.

1. One of the most popular and effective techniques is to insulate the concrete work to help it retain its heat. Depending on the project, an Austin concrete company might cover the work with concrete blankets, construct a heated enclosure, or use a combination of the two.
2. Before Austin concrete can cure, it needs to evaporate what contractors call its bleed water. In cold weather, this process takes longer to start as well as finish. To expedite matters, companies may use vacuums or squeegees on freshly poured concrete in Austin.
3. The Austin concrete mix can be adjusted to help compensate for the cool weather. Adding more cement to the mix can help accelerate the chemical reaction that provides the heat that concrete needs to cure. There are also chemical accelerants that can be incorporated into the mix.

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