Can Asphalt Sealcoating Make the Pavement Slippery?

Can Asphalt Sealcoating Make the Pavement Slippery?

Can Asphalt Sealcoating Make the Pavement Slippery? An asphalt pavement that has been sealcoated can have an extremely smooth, unbroken appearance that has a uniform dark color. To some people, the even surface seems to imply that the pavement is slick or slippery. Although the coatings are slippery when wet, this is not an issue because no one should be allowed to walk or drive on the pavement until the sealant dries. The only two other scenarios in which a pavement could possibly be slippery after asphalt sealcoating involve errors in the mix or during the application. Neither of these scenarios should occur if you hire a reputable, highly skilled contractor.

How Might Errors in the Asphalt Sealcoating Mix Make the Pavement Slippery?

Typically, sealcoating manufacturers sell their products as dry concentrates that must be mixed with silica sand and water for application. Sealcoating contractors must prepare the mix carefully to ensure that the proper proportions of each ingredient are included.

1. The sand is crucial because it enhances traction, thereby making your pavement safer. Furthermore, sand will settle in tiny flaws in the pavement’s surface to make it appear smooth and unblemished. The particles of sand must also be clean and the right size. Because sand is a solid, it takes up room in the mix. If there is not enough sand, asphalt sealcoating contractors may add too much water. The excess water may be added deliberately by unscrupulous contractors, or it may be added by inexperienced contractors who are just looking to create a specific number of gallons of liquid sealant. Whether by accident or design, the reduction or omission of sand can result in a slipperier surface.
2. By volume, water makes up approximately 70% of a properly prepared parking lot sealcoating mix. If there is too much water in the mix, there is less room for the sealcoating company to add the dry ingredients, including sand and the concentrated sealant. The resulting product will be too thin and viscous to have much of a life, so it will wear off in a few months or even a few weeks. Furthermore, too much water could result in air bubbles that interfere with the spray tip during application.

How Might Errors During an Asphalt Sealcoating Application Make the Pavement Slippery?

When sealcoating Austin Texas pavements, contractors need skilled workers, proper wind conditions, and the right equipment to achieve successful results. Otherwise, there is a chance that the pavement will have slick spots that could surprise drivers or pedestrians.

1. When using a sprayer to apply parking lot sealcoating, workers must know how to control the flow so that the pavement receives an even coat. If there are spots in which the sealant is too thin, the sealant will wear more quickly in those spots, exposing the asphalt pavement. This could create slick spots, especially when the pavement is wet, that could be hazardous if drivers or pedestrians encounter them unexpectedly.
2. An experienced sealcoating company will not attempt to spray sealant when the wind speed is excessive. The greater the wind speed, the more difficult it is to achieve an even coating. Some spots could be left completely devoid of sealant, or the coat could be too fragile to withstand traffic.
3. It is important that the sand is kept evenly distributed throughout the sealant during the entire process. A well-established sealcoating company will typically have a sealant tank with an agitator to prevent the sand from falling out of suspension. This is especially important on parking lot sealcoating projects to avoid large sections that can be slippery when wet.

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