Austin Municipality Paving Practices

Austin Municipality Paving Practices

Austin Municipality Paving PracticesPeople responsible for a paving project of any type can face demands that challenge them. However, municipality paving projects can sometimes be especially challenging. City budgets are often tight, so funds for paving projects are frequently scrutinized more than private projects. Taxpayers are always watching how their money is spent, so they demand that their leaders get the most value from every dollar spent. Businesses and homeowners alike expect the city to keep thoroughfares in good repair, expand the network of roads as needed, and go to the appropriate lengths to maximize the life of the town’s pavements. However, if you are involved in soliciting and reviewing bids from paving contractors, you may be unsure of the best practices to make certain that you choose a contractor who will deliver the quality results that you need. Asking the right questions can help you make the best decision for your city.

How Much Experience Does the Asphalt Paving Contractor Have Overall?

Whether you are seeking a contractor for a large-scale municipal or private project, you should keep in mind that paving Austin TX properties is not a job for an untested novice. The more experienced an asphalt paving Austin TX contractor has, the better.

How Much Experience Does the Contractor Have With Municipality Paving Projects?

There are several key differences between a municipal asphalt paving project and a private one. Your city may require a specific format for bids, for example, or the bid solicitation may specify the type of asphalt mix to be used. Contractors will need to submit their bids before the closing date, and there may be milestones that the contractor must meet, so you need to make sure that the contractor you select has sufficient experience to meet all deadlines.

Does the Contractor Have Everything Needed for a Municipality Paving Project?

Contractors need a staff of well-trained, experienced employees to complete a municipal project successfully. Granted, there may be times when a contractor needs to supplement the staff with a few relatively unskilled temporary workers, but they should comprise a comparatively small percentage of the force, and they should be closely supervised by a senior employee. This is especially critical for those who will be operating heavy equipment on the site. Speaking of equipment, it is best if contractors own their equipment instead of renting it. Given the cost of paving equipment, it is highly likely that contractors will carefully maintain their equipment, reducing the possibility of breakdowns and delays. Furthermore, you want to make sure that any contractor you consider has the appropriate licenses and insurance.

How Easy Is It to Communicate With the Municipality Asphalt Contractor?

Your contractor should be able to justify recommendations, explain every step of the process, and volunteer pertinent information. In addition, you should be able to reach your contractor without having to send out a search party every time you need to ask a question. Because the weather and other circumstances can affect your asphalt resurfacing or construction project, your contractor needs to keep you in the loop at all times.

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