The Comprehensive Austin Guide to Concrete Curbs and Gutters

concrete curbs

concrete curbsThere are certain fixtures that are so ubiquitous that many people seldom give them more than a passing glance. However, many of these fixtures provide a valuable service to drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, homeowners, and businesses. Concrete curbs and gutters belong in this category.

What Are Concrete Curbs and Gutters?

Concrete gutters are the flat slabs that you can find running parallel to a roadway or curb. They collect runoff and help channel it away, typically to storm drains. Concrete curbs rise vertically from the surface and are available in various styles and sizes. They are also instrumental in collecting and channeling runoff, but curbs can serve other purposes.

What Are Some Common Styles of Concrete Curbs?

1. The most common style is what an Austin concrete contractor typically refers to as a barrier curb. As you might expect, the purpose of barrier curbs is to help prevent vehicles from intruding into certain spaces. For example, you may find barrier curbs guarding storefronts, sidewalks, or landscaped areas.
2. Mountable curbs have a slanted side and a flat side. This makes it possible for vehicles to drive over them. You are most likely to find mountable curbs where concrete driveways connect to a street. However, you may also find them near concrete sidewalks, especially at the points where pedestrians may need to cross with strollers or shopping carts.
3. Slanting curbs do little to protect against vehicle intrusions. They serve primarily an aesthetic function along walkways or in yards.
4. Mower curbs can be both decorative and protective. They have a special design that allows mowers to cut grass very close to the curb without damaging the mower or the topsoil.
5. Monolithic curbs are another popular type. A concrete company will usually install these curbs during the construction of a roadway. These integrated curbs form part of the road.

What Are the Benefits of Concrete Curbs and Gutters?

In addition to collecting and channeling runoff, curbs and gutters offer several important benefits.

1. From concrete parking lots to public green spaces, curbs can clearly denote the boundaries of the property.
2. Curbs can help prevent vehicles from inflicting damage to the edges of pavements.
3. Debris will tend to collect in the gutter beside the curbing. Furthermore, the curb helps prevent the wind from spreading the debris. This makes it easier for sweepers to remove it.
4. Curbs and gutters can eliminate the need for drainage swales. In turn, this can reduce the amount of space necessary to construct or widen a street.
5. Painting curbs with reflective paint can enhance safety at night. Drivers will find it easier to identify the pavement edges, and pedestrians will be less likely to trip over a curb.

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