What Is the Best Time to Plan in Austin for Asphalt Sealcoating?

What Is the Best Time to Plan in Austin for Asphalt Sealcoating?

What Is the Best Time to Plan in Austin for Asphalt Sealcoating? Whether you chose asphalt to pave your driveway or parking lot, you made a sound decision. As a paving material, asphalt offers unsurpassed economic and aesthetic benefits. It also offers rapid construction, safety enhancements, and a long life if it receives the right care. One of the most important maintenance procedures for asphalt pavements is the periodic application of a sealcoat. However, you may be wondering when the best time is in Austin for asphalt sealcoating. Typically, the best time is between May 15 and October 10. Unfortunately, this does not hold true for every year because the annual weather conditions can be unpredictable. Furthermore, there will be times other than the bookend dates that are perfectly acceptable for a sealcoat application.

Why Is the Period Between the Middle of May and Early October the Best in Austin for Asphalt Sealcoating?

Whether they are sealcoating parking lots, residential driveways, or other types of asphalt pavements, contractors need the right conditions.
The water in a sealcoating mix must evaporate for the sealant to cure. Sealcoating contractors know that certain weather conditions can impede or accelerate the rate of evaporation. Because evaporation must be predictable and steady, parking lot maintenance Austin TX contractors look for the best combination of conditions. Statistically, the best combination of conditions will normally occur during the range of dates stated.

What Is the Best Combination of Conditions in Austin for Asphalt Sealcoating?

The companies that manufacture driveway and parking lot sealcoating thoroughly research how their products respond to various weather conditions. Based on their research, they state the ideal conditions as well as the acceptable conditions for sealcoating parking lots and other pavements. Manufacturers address five weather conditions, and four of them relate to the rate of evaporation.

1. Rain must not fall on driveway or parking lot sealcoating before it is sufficiently cured. At the minimum, there should be no precipitation during the application or for the following 24 hours. This is the only condition that is unrelated to evaporation. Depending on how long the sealant has had to dry, rain could wash it all away, or it could leave the sealant discolored or blotchy.
2. The temperature must be a minimum of 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and it may need to be higher if the other three conditions are marginal. The minimum temperature refers to both the temperature of the pavement and the temperature of the air. Although the two temperatures are normally close, there are occasions when they can have significant differences.
3. The relative humidity is another critical factor. The more moisture the air contains, the less room there is for the water molecules that are evaporating from the sealcoating. There is no minimum for relative humidity; in fact, the drier the air, the faster evaporation can occur. However, when sealcoating Austin TX pavements, asphalt maintenance contractors typically set the maximum humidity level at 90%.
4. There needs to be a slight, steady breeze of at least 4 mph. Wind helps circulate the air above the pavement, moving the saturated air away so that more water can evaporate.
5. Sealcoating needs to receive a minimum of four hours of sunlight to cure in a timely manner. Sealcoating contractors can incorporate additives to help offset the problem if an area lies in dense shade. However, most parking lot sealcoating companies are extremely hesitant to start a job if the day is severely overcast.

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