What Does an Austin Concrete Paving Contractor Do?

What Does an Austin Concrete Paving Contractor Do?

What Does an Austin Concrete Paving Contractor Do?Austin concrete paving can enhance your property in countless ways. Not only does it have the looks to boost your curb appeal, but properly installed and maintained concrete can also increase your property’s value. Concrete also requires less maintenance and lasts much longer than paving alternatives.

Before you reap those benefits, you must work with an experienced concrete paving contractor. Contractors like RDC Paving are concrete experts who can help you get the long-lasting paving your property needs.

How Do Concrete Companies Begin a New Project?

Concrete paving in Austin is more complex than most realize. Cured concrete is tough, but it’s just like any other structure. It needs careful engineering and plenty of preparation!

Concrete paving companies typically begin projects with excavation and subgrade preparation. These processes involve removing plants, roots, low-quality soil and anything else that might interfere with the pavement’s structural integrity. Then, they’ll test the soil and build the site back up with subgrade material to ensure the finished concrete surface has the ideal load-bearing capacity. Subgrade preparation also involves creating the right drainage slope, helping minimize future water issues.

These preparation steps are crucial for concrete paving in Austin, and having an experienced concrete paving contractor who understands the complexities of the job can make all the difference.

How Does Austin Concrete Paving Get Its Shape?

Concrete mixes contain several ingredients that form a viscous slurry. Unlike bricks and wood, wet concrete takes the shape of whatever form it cures in. When paving concrete, contractors must build forms to create the shape of your driveway, parking lot, sidewalk, etc.

Concrete paving companies build the form using wood and other materials. They construct the form on top of the prepared subgrade. Your concrete paving contractors will also add reinforcements like concrete mesh or rebar if necessary. From there, it’s a matter of pouring the wet concrete mix into the form and allowing it to cure!

What are My Finish Options for Austin Paving?

The beauty of concrete is that there are limitless ways to customize it for your needs. In addition to formulating the concrete mix to achieve the strength needed to support whatever you plan to put on your pavement, concrete paving companies can change the look!

Your concrete paving contractor can provide a standard, smooth finish. Or, they can do a brushed finish for more traction, stamped finishes to create a specific texture and more. There’s even the option to add pigments, allowing you to match your paving to your building or implement unique designs.

Experts specializing in concrete paving in Austin can provide whatever look and finish you need. The only limit is your imagination!

What Will My Contractor Do to Ensure the Finished Product is Strong and Long-Lasting?

One of the most crucial steps in the concrete paving process is curing. During this stage, various chemical reactions produce the hard and strong surface you expect. Paving concrete requires more than subgrade preparation and pouring. Concrete paving companies must also pay close attention to the concrete as it cures, and that’s a multi-day job!

Initial curing can take up to a week, and the material fully cures over 28 days! In the meantime, your concrete paving company may apply curing compounds, moisten the surface with water, cover it with curing fabrics and more. The goal is to retain enough moisture and keep the concrete at the right temperature for proper curing.

What Else Can a Concrete Paving Company Do for Me?

You can rely on your concrete paving contractor long after your concrete paving project finishes. Experienced contractors can also seal the material every few years to protect it from the elements and perform repairs. If you experience any issues with your concrete pavement, protect your investment by contacting experts for assistance!

RDC Paving is Austin’s most trusted concrete paving company. We’ve been doing concrete paving for nearly a decade and have a massive portfolio of projects we’d love to show off! We serve commercial and residential property owners in Austin and the surrounding communities in Central Texas.

We offer an exhaustive list of services to help you tackle all your paving needs. In addition to new concrete paving, we do concrete curbs, ADA-compliant features, and repairs. We’re also the go-to contractor for asphalt paving, sealcoating, repairs and more.

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