Austin Concrete Installation – Common Mistakes When Installing Concrete

How Are Control Joints Used For Concrete Flatwork in Austin?

Austin Concrete Installation - Common Mistakes When Installing Concrete Austin concrete installation is an excellent way to improve both commercial and residential properties. Concrete is one of the most resilient materials available, creating long-lasting surfaces that add loads of functionality and beautiful aesthetics.

While concrete pouring may look simple, concrete installation in Austin is more complex than it seems. Projects require ample planning and engineering, and contractors must iron out many logistics to deliver final results that last.

Here are several common mistakes property owners make when installing concrete.

How Much Raw Material Does an Austin Concrete Installation Project Require?

Whether you’re doing a thick concrete slab for a building’s foundation or pouring concrete for use as a sidewalk, projects require more concrete materials than most realize. Decorative concrete installation projects may not need complicated engineering. However, projects supporting any weight need substantial thickness to achieve the proper load-bearing capacity.

For example, commercial driveways are often up to 10 inches thick. Meanwhile, loading docks, dumpster pads and other surfaces that must support heavy-duty equipment are usually 12 inches thick! Residential projects can use less material, but even simple sidewalks need at least four inches of depth.

One common mistake in installing concrete is failing to consider the final thickness of a concrete slab. The thickness will impact how much concrete contractors must use. This factor ultimately affects the total concrete installation cost.

What Type of Mix Does Concrete Installation in Austin Need?

Another common hurdle property owners encounter when investing in concrete slab installation is choosing the wrong material for the job. Concrete is a mix of Portland cement, water and aggregates. However, the quality of the core ingredients and their ratio in the mix can result in several different concrete types.

The type chosen will impact the overall concrete installation cost. Furthermore, some concrete mixes are better suited for specific concrete pouring projects than others. For example, Type I concrete is a general-purpose solution for buildings and pavement. But if your finished product will have significant water exposure, your contractor may recommend Type II for more durability.

Do Contractors Use Any Additives When Performing Austin Concrete Installation?

The right additives can greatly enhance your concrete installation in Austin. Many different kinds of additives are available, and many projects can benefit from them. Choosing the right additives for your unique needs is the key to a long-lasting final product.

For example, contractors can add additives that help to inhibit corrosion of steel reinforcements, reduce cracking from freeze-thaw cycles in cold environments, use plasticizers for more efficient concrete pouring, etc.

Do Concrete Slabs Require Any Support?

Another common mistake is failing to realize that concrete slab installation projects require proper support to achieve the desired strength and finish. Many people see concrete and assume contractors can pour it anywhere to create a durable surface. But concrete slabs are like buildings. They need a strong foundation.

Before concrete installation in Austin, contractors must analyze the soil, excavate the site and prepare a sub-base. Every property is different, and it’s common for experts to amend the soil, bring in additional aggregate material to improve the load-bearing capacity of the concrete and more. Pair all that with in-concrete reinforcements, and there’s more support and foundational planning in concrete slab installation than most realize.

Don’t let these mistakes throw your Austin concrete installation project into a tailspin! At RDC Paving, we know how to pour concrete the right way, ensuring top-notch results for projects big and small. We’re an experienced contractor with a decade of experience serving clients in and around Austin. No matter how complex your needs seem, we approach every project with the intention of delivering high-quality results while giving you the customer service you deserve.

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