Austin Concrete Foundation Warning Signs

Austin Concrete Foundation Warning Signs

Austin Concrete Foundation Warning SignsConcrete foundations are the go-to for most buildings constructed in the last seven-plus decades, and it’s not hard to see why. A well-build Austin concrete foundation can provide a stable surface for structures and last up to a hundred years. But contrary to popular belief, concrete is not indestructible.

Whether you have a durable concrete slab foundation, stem wall or any other of the many concrete foundation types, you need to learn how to spot signs of trouble. Knowing when your concrete foundation needs attention from professionals can help you mitigate further damage and protect the structural integrity of your building.

Should I Worry About Visible Cracks on My Concrete Foundation in Austin?

Cracks may or may not be cause for concern. All foundation types will settle with time, and newly constructed structures may develop foundation cracks after a year or two. That’s normal, but you shouldn’t ignore cracks.

Hairline cracks can become major headaches if other issues are at play. Larger cracks may develop due to soil movement, tree root invasion, poor drainage and other issues. Generally, cracks that appear years after the building settles warrant concrete foundation repair. The same goes for cracks bigger than 1/16 of an inch.

If you’re unsure whether cracks in your concrete slab foundation or footings are trouble, contact concrete foundation repair contractors for guidance.

Are Uneven Floors a Sign of Trouble?

When floors and ceilings become uneven, contact concrete foundation contractors immediately. When your concrete foundation in Austin experiences damage, the structure on top of it will develop many changes. One of them is uneven floors, ceilings, countertops and more. Virtually any surface in your home can look sunken in or raised. You may even notice cracks on the walls, tiles popping up, etc.

There are many reasons why these issues can occur. Sometimes, it’s due to clay-rich soil beneath the concrete foundation shrinking and swelling. Other times, it could be a product of soil movement. Whatever the case, your building’s structural integrity is at risk, so you should seek concrete foundation repair services.

Does a Damaged Concrete Foundation Cause Doors and Windows to Stick?

In addition to wonky floors and ceilings, you may notice windows and doors sticking. For example, doors that once opened and closed without a hitch now get stuck in the frame. Or, windows might not slide open as easily as they used to.

Door and window problems directly result from your concrete foundation changing. Faulty foundations warp the vertical components of your home or commercial building, and the problem could worsen. The first thing you should do is invest in concrete foundation repair. The total concrete foundation cost you initially paid for construction may be substantial, but it’s imperative to pay for repairs to protect your entire building.

Does Pooling Water Around My Building Indicate Issues with My Austin Foundation?

Austin concrete foundations shouldn’t have water pooling around them. If yours does, it could mean your property has poor drainage issues. That’s a problem because concrete is a porous material. It doesn’t matter if you have a flat concrete slab foundation or a raised stem wall. All concrete foundation types will degrade faster when water pools around them.

Furthermore, pooling water can lead to soil erosion. That exposes more of your concrete foundation in Austin to moisture. Plus, it can lower the load-bearing capacity of the soil beneath it. Work with concrete foundation contractors to fix this problem as soon as possible.

How Can Foundation Repair Issues Cause Plumbing, Drainage and Humidity Problems?

Interestingly, plumbing problems and increased humidity levels inside your building could indicate foundation problems. A faulty foundation can cause pipes running through the building to become unbalanced. They may have to work against gravity to function properly in the worst-case scenario. That may result in more frequent clogs.

In some cases, problems with your Austin concrete foundation can damage plumbing entirely. When that happens, you may encounter leaks, more humidity and huge headaches. The concrete foundation costs for construction are significant, but you’ll pay even more to rebuild water-damaged walls and framing. Invest in your property by getting concrete foundation repair service.

Don’t let issues with your Austin concrete foundation put your property at risk! If you notice any of these telltale signs of foundation trouble, contact RDC Paving. We’re a full-service concrete and asphalt company offering many services that can keep your property in good shape. In addition to concrete repair, we do concrete parking lots, curbs, ramps, sidewalks and driveways. You can also turn to us for asphalt paving, milling, overlays, sealcoating, crack repairs, parking lot striping and maintenance.

We have nearly a decade of experience working with property owners throughout Austin, and we’ve built a solid reputation around our reliability, honesty and quality of work. Our team commits to providing service that sets the bar high while delivering results that exceed your expectations. Call us today to discuss your concrete foundation worries and get a free job quote. We’re ready to talk via phone at (512) 920-9155 or through email at If you want us to contact you, just submit our online form today!

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