8 Questions To Ask Austin Concrete Contractors For Hire

8 Questions To Ask Austin Concrete Contractors For Hire

8 Questions To Ask Austin Concrete Contractors For Hire Whether you’ve decided to install a new concrete driveway at your home or want to boost the curb appeal of your business with new concrete ramps and sidewalks, you must choose the right Austin concrete contractors for the job. Concrete work is a big investment, and the quality of work you get can impact your property for decades. Many concrete companies will vye for your business. But to find the best one for your needs, ask these questions.

Are You Licensed and Insured Like Other Austin Concrete Contractors?

The best concrete contractors in Austin TX are fully licensed and insured. The first thing you should do when working with a concrete company is inquire about them.

Licensing means the contractor is legally allowed to perform the work you’re hiring them to do. Meanwhile, insurance protects you in the event of accidental damage. License and insurance are for your peace of mind, and you should only work with concrete contractors that have them.

What Do You Include in the Total Project Cost?

The job that Austin concrete contractors perform is more complex than most realize. No matter the size and scope of a project, there are many moving parts. Before you work with a contractor, inquire about what costs they include in the quote.

You may find that some contractors don’t include important work like demolition and land grading in their initial quote. Inquiring about these additional costs will give you a better idea of how much you’ll pay from start to finish.

What are the Payment Terms for Your Concrete Company?

Concrete contractors in Austin Texas all have different payment terms, and you should understand these details before you hire one. You need to know when and how you pay. Some contractors require payment after the completion of the project. Others may ask for an initial deposit or break up the total cost of the work into different phases.

Understanding the payment terms will provide more insight into how the concrete company operates. Plus, it’ll help you see if the project is within your budget and works for your financial situation.

Do You Have Examples of Past Work or References I Can Call?

Anyone can say they have experience working with concrete. But when you want top-quality work, you must hire legitimate concrete slab contractors and seasoned concrete companies. Ask to see a portfolio.

Concrete contractors in Austin are usually more than happy to show off their previous work on their phones. Some also have photo examples on their website or social media.

Use those photos to get more insight into the quality of work you can expect. If a portfolio isn’t available, ask for references so that you can talk to past clients about their experience working with the contractor.

Will Austin Concrete Contractors Like You Need Permits for My Project?

Your concrete project will likely require a permit to complete. Experienced concrete contractors in Austin TX will be able to tell you if that’s the case during your initial walkthrough. Use this question as an opportunity to gauge a contractor’s skill level. If they’re unsure, they may not have enough experience to do the job!

Permits may also delay the project and create additional bumps in the road. Therefore, this question can also help you know what to expect once it commences.

Who Will Manage My Project?

Even small concrete jobs require multiple people to complete, so you’ll have strangers on your property. Knowing who’s in charge can provide peace of mind and give you a singular direct contact if issues arise. Ask concrete contractors in Austin Texas about their protocols for managing projects like yours. Know your contact point and who you’ll interact with on work days.

Does My Project Require Rebar Reinforcement?

Here’s another question that will test the knowledge of concrete contractors in Austin TX you consider hiring. Rebar is an essential aspect of concrete projects. It helps improve tensile strength, allowing new surfaces to resist cracking and breaking.

Experience concrete contractors in Austin can tell you during your initial consultation if your project requires rebar. Their answer provides insight into the company’s experience and helps you understand the costs involved.

How Do You Approach Expansion and Control Joints?

Finally, ask concrete slab contractors about control and expansion joints. The joints you see on poured concrete serve important purposes. Some allow for expansion, and others control cracking. Like the previous question, this one will test the knowledge of concrete slab contractors.

More importantly, it gives you a glimpse into the company’s work process. Concrete companies handle joints differently, so you can ask when they’ll add joints and how they do it.

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