Asphalt Resurfacing: The Value of Edge Milling

Asphalt Resurfacing: The Value of Edge Milling

Even if you have been proactive about maintaining and repairing your asphalt pavement, time, the elements, and wear can take a heavy toll. Perhaps you find that a lifetime of repairs has made your pavement a detriment to your property’s curb appeal, or maybe the pavement has become a safety hazard. At this point, many people assume that a complete reconstruction is the only viable option. However, a procedure known as asphalt resurfacing can often rehabilitate a pavement for a fraction of what a reconstruction would cost. Should you decide to resurface your asphalt pavement, you want to make sure that your contractor includes edge milling.

What Does Asphalt Resurfacing Involve?

Resurfacing, which is also known as an asphalt overlay, is a method of installing fresh asphalt over an existing pavement. Typically, an Austin paving company will use an asphalt milling machine to quickly grind away two or three inches of the pavement’s surface, but the material removed could be much less or substantially more. Once the correct depth of pavement is removed, your asphalt contractor will clean the pavement, apply a tack coat if one is deemed necessary, and install and compact a sufficient amount of asphalt to return the pavement to its original elevation.

What Is Edge Milling?

Edge milling is a common technique when resurfacing asphalt Austin TX pavements. It is an extremely useful technique that primarily revolves around ensuring that the height of the overlay does not exceed the pavement’s original height.

Why Does Edge Milling Matter?

If possible, look at your pavement closely, then imagine how an additional two or three inches of asphalt would affect the safety and functionality of your pavement.

  • The ability of your curbing and gutters to direct runoff could be impacted. The depth of your gutters could be reduced by the depth of the overlay, allowing water to overflow the gutters as well as the curbs. Edge milling allows an asphalt company to retain these features at their original heights.
  • Transitions between connecting pavements can be quite bumpy without edge milling. The difference in height between your overlay and other pavements can be jarring to people riding in cars, but rough transitions can trip pedestrians or unseat cyclists.
  • Without edge milling, your curb ramps may violate the ADA regulations, which require smooth transitions for accessible curb ramps. There can be no lip or change in level. Edge milling can ensure that your transitions satisfy the ADA regulations.
  • Manhole covers, grates, and similar features can be kept at their appropriate elevation. Without edge milling, these features can be recessed into the pavement, presenting safety hazards. Furthermore, water can pool around the sunken features, increasing the chances of structural damage all the way down to the foundation.

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