Asphalt Resurfacing In Austin – What Are The Benefits?

Asphalt Resurfacing In Austin - What Are The Benefits?

Asphalt Resurfacing In Austin – What Are The Benefits?

Asphalt Resurfacing In Austin - What Are The Benefits?If your pavement is starting to look worse for wear, it may be time for asphalt resurfacing in Austin. This unique service involves milling and removing several inches of the paving surface before replacing it with a new asphalt overlay. The result is a like-new appearance and many years of longevity.

Asphalt surfacing is a form of repair that can lead to substantial improvements when there’s significant damage. While suitable for all repair projects, Austin asphalt resurfacing can provide many undeniable benefits when it’s a viable solution. Here’s a quick breakdown of the biggest benefits of resurfacing.

Is Asphalt Resurfacing in Austin More Cost-Effective Than Reconstruction?

One of the biggest reasons property owners opt for asphalt surfacing is its lower costs. Asphalt paving is a significant investment, and reconstruction projects aren’t cheap. Resurfacing requires fewer materials and less labor. Therefore, it costs less to perform this asphalt repair than to foot the bill for major reconstruction. Commercial property owners and managers often cover resurfacing expenses with a standard maintenance budget.

Can Austin Asphalt Overlays Correct Drainage Issues?

Standing water is asphalt’s biggest enemy. Water penetration can wreak havoc on asphalt paving over time. Proper drainage is crucial, but improper installation, settling and other issues can cause elevation changes that prevent water from flowing off pavement naturally.

Fortunately, a new asphalt overlay can correct that issue. After milling away the surface layer, contractors can restore drainage flows to prevent future problems.

Does Asphalt Paving Require Substantial Downtime?

Major asphalt repair takes time to complete. However, resurfacing is significantly faster and more time-efficient than alternatives like reconstruction.

Downtime is a major concern for property owners. Revenue-generating properties need open parking lots to accommodate customers, so every day of downtime is a disruption.

Compared to reconstruction, Austin asphalt resurfacing requires less excavation and no major site prep work. As a result, contractors can finish these projects much faster to get your parking lots and other critical surfaces up and running in no time.

Will Asphalt Overlays in Austin Improve Curb Appeal?

You shouldn’t overlook the impact that asphalt surfacing has on curb appeal! Pavement with severe damage is a huge eyesore. No one wants to walk or drive onto a parking lot riddled with cracks, potholes and other asphalt repair issues. It makes properties look unkempt, which could reflect poorly on your business. Curb appeal matters, so investing in a new asphalt overlay makes a big difference!

Because asphalt overlays replace the old pavement surface, they instantly correct unsightly problems like cracks, ruts, bumps and other surface irregularities. Contractors can also add texture to the new asphalt surfacing, improving safety and enhancing the customer experience.

The result of resurfacing is a brand-new surface at a fraction of the cost of new construction.

How Long Do Fresh Asphalt Last?

Because asphalt paving is such a big investment, you want it to last as long as possible. Traditional repairs will only get you so far. Eventually, you’ll need to invest in major work and eventual reconstruction.

Austin asphalt resurfacing buys you more time. It can save damaged surfaces, giving property owners like you up to 15 more years. That’s plenty of time to budget for eventual replacement. But in the meantime, you get a new asphalt overlay that’s safer, better-looking and more reliable.

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