Asphalt Paving & Tire Scuffing

Asphalt Paving & Tire Scuffing  

When you decided on asphalt paving for your parking lot or other pavements, you may have considered the aesthetic appeal of asphalt as an important benefit. If so, you may have been chagrined to notice scuff marks on the surface of your pavement. You may be wondering what caused them or what you should do about them.

What Are the Scuff Marks on Asphalt Paving?

Scuff marks on an asphalt overlay or pavement are virtually always caused by the tires on the vehicles that use your pavement. Tire scuffing is a common occurrence that Texas asphalt contractors frequently encounter after paving Austin Texas properties. Scuffing is not an indication that an Austin paving company took shortcuts, used inferior materials, or botched the installation. Tire scuffing is strictly a cosmetic issue that will have no impact on the pavement’s structural integrity, longevity, or future repair bills.

What Causes Tire Scuffing on Asphalt Pavements?

There are several potential causes of tire scuffing, including deliberate abuse of the pavement by drivers practicing spinouts or other maneuvers. However, a typical paving contractor Austin TX customers consult about scuffing will more likely identify one of the causes on the following list.

1. The pavement is new and unsealed. New pavements need to cure prior to sealcoating, and the curing process typically takes at least 10 to 12 weeks. New pavements are already at their most flexible and softest points, which increases the likelihood of scuffing, and the lack of sealcoating can make the pavement even more prone to scuffing.
2. Tire scuffing is more likely to occur on pavements installed during the summer months. All types of Austin paving can absorb heat from the sun. As a result, the pavements as well as the tires on vehicles can get quite hot. Hot tires on hot asphalt pavements will almost certainly result in at least a few scuff marks.
3. The type of tires on the vehicles using your pavement can increase the likelihood of scuffing. Steel-belted radials are more likely to scuff pavements than traditional bias-ply tires. The tread patterns on many SUVs, trucks, and other off-highway vehicles can also make tire scuffing more likely.
4. Turning the steering wheel while the vehicle is stationary can lead to tire scuffing. Vehicles with power steering, heavy trucks, and vehicles with front-wheel drive are the leading culprits.
5. The length of time between completing the installation and opening the pavement to traffic can be a factor in tire scuffing. One of the advantages of installing an asphalt pavement is that it can begin receiving traffic within mere hours after your Austin paving company completes the construction. However, the longer you can wait, the more resistant your pavement will be to tire scuffing.

What Are Some Ways to Repair Tire Scuffs on Asphalt Paving?

Generally, Texas asphalt contractors do not recommend that you attempt to repair tire scuffing. Scuff marks usually disappear within two or three months, and your initial sealcoating will typically cover any that still remain. Furthermore, attempts to remove or repair scuff marks will frequently result in at least some damage to the pavement.

Are There Steps to Prevent Scuff Marks on Asphalt Austin TX Property Owners Can Take?

Frankly, there is little that can be done to prevent all scuff marks, especially on commercial pavements that are open to the public. Other than waiting as long as possible to open the pavement, there are only two things that could potentially reduce the likelihood of tire scuffing.

1. On hot days, you can flood the pavement with water. This will help cool the pavement and the tires on the vehicles, and this may help prevent scuff marks.
2. A thin layer of sand in areas that are vulnerable to scuffing may help. Look for areas where vehicles are turning, stopping and accelerating, or having to execute difficult maneuvers. Areas around loading docks, stop signs, scale houses, exits, traffic signals, and dumpster pads are all possible locations to investigate.

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