Seven Essential Asphalt Paving Tips That Show Quality

Seven Essential Asphalt Paving Tips That Show Quality

Seven Essential Asphalt Paving Tips That Show Quality You gave a great deal of thought to your selection of a company to install or resurface your asphalt pavement. You interviewed several contractors, checked their references, compared their bids, and verified their insurance. After choosing a contractor, you reviewed a detailed plan that included your pavement’s engineering specifications and the contractor’s execution of the plan. In the back of your mind, however, you may be wondering how you can tell whether you made the right decision. Once your asphalt paving project begins, there are seven things you can look for that can indicate you will receive high-quality work. These can be divided into two categories, which are the initial impression and the actual work.

What Is the Connection Between Quality Asphalt Paving and My Initial Impression?

Although there can be significant differences between asphalt paving companies, most of them realize the importance of making a good impression at the very outset of a project. Regardless of the specific type of asphalt paving services they provide, contractors must move their employees and equipment to the job site. Thus, here are three things to look for when your contractor arrives to begin your paving in Austin.

1. What is the appearance of the company’s equipment? An asphalt paving company pays a pretty penny for its heavy equipment. Therefore, a reputable Austin asphalt paving company will ensure that its equipment is maintained properly. If the equipment is filthy, emits an excessive amount of toxic fumes, or sounds as if it could break down at any moment, you might not receive great results.
2. What can you tell about the crew members the contractor selected for your Austin paving project? Generally, an asphalt paving project will be led by a project manager or supervisor whose job is to ensure an organized execution of the plan for paving in Austin TX. This individual should take charge immediately. However, ideally, the other crew members should be able to begin performing their tasks with minimal instruction. If the crew members appear alert and experienced, the chances that they will perform high-quality work are great.
3. What safety measures does your Austin asphalt paving contractor take? Paving companies typically provide crew members with high-visibility vests, eye and ear protection devices, and hard hats. At the very least, the workers should be wearing their reflective clothing while they erect the traffic control devices. Different asphalt paving services can require different traffic control measures. Some traffic control devices include caution tape, barricades, cones, and barrels.

What Are the Signs Found During the Work That Indicate an Asphalt Paving Project Will Yield Quality Results?

Much of what goes on at an Austin paving site can be difficult for clients to interpret. However, there are four things to watch for that can tell you a great deal about the quality of the work being performed.

1. The temperature of the asphalt mix used for asphalt paving in Austin is critical. If the asphalt is too cool to be properly worked and compacted, the quality of the pavement will be inferior. Therefore, competent paving companies schedule deliveries of hot mix at regular intervals to avoid having trucks waiting an extended period to unload. Long waits can allow the asphalt mix to cool excessively.
2. The screed is the part of an asphalt paver that shapes and levels the hot mix, and the head of material is the asphalt paving that is directly in front of the screed. It is important that the head of material spans the entire width of the screed and is a consistent thickness. Errors in either the width or thickness of the asphalt mix can compromise the quality of the pavement.
3. The paver should operate at a relatively consistent speed. Changes in speed can lead to an irregular mat depth, which can show up as waves or ripples in the pavement.
4. The roller is the machine asphalt paving companies use to compact the material. Proper compaction is critical to the quality and longevity of the pavement. The operator should follow a precise rolling pattern that will optimize coverage to reduce the amount of heat that the asphalt will lose before compaction.

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