Asphalt Paving Tips for Austin Facility Managers

Asphalt Paving Tips for Austin Facility Managers

Asphalt Paving Tips for Austin Facility ManagersFacility managers have a professional obligation to their stakeholders as well as every individual who visits the property. To meet their responsibilities, Austin facility managers typically acquire a substantial amount of information about the property’s systems, maintenance needs, and legal requirements. However, not all property managers have a thorough understanding of what is involved in installing, maintaining, and repairing their asphalt paving.

How Do Contractors Install Asphalt Paving?

When contractors install a new asphalt pavement in Austin, they typically evaluate the proposed site before they design the pavement. Austin asphalt paving companies need to determine the qualities of the soil on which they will construct the pavement to ensure its compactability. If paving companies in Texas find that the underlying soil is unsuitable, they may amend it, or they may construct an aggregate base. Next, your Austin paving contractor will install and compact multiple lifts of asphalt to construct a pavement with the specified paving thickness.

What Should Austin Facility Managers Know About an Asphalt Pavement Overlay?

An asphalt pavement overlay is another term for asphalt resurfacing. An asphalt pavement in Austin must endure extremely hot, humid summers, heavy rainfalls, and seasonal temperature fluctuations that can sometimes be quite dramatic. Austin paving can also support heavyweight vehicles and high traffic volumes. Vehicles can leak harsh petrochemicals that can deteriorate an asphalt pavement in Austin. If the pavement’s base is relatively undamaged and stable, an asphalt pavement overlay can be a less expensive and faster alternative to reconstruction.

What Are the Most Important Points That Austin Facility Managers Should Remember About Asphalt Paving?

Some facility managers have little or no experience with paving Austin Texas properties. Whether you need an asphalt pavement overlay, a new asphalt pavement in Austin, or a maintenance and repair program, you want to hire a trustworthy, experienced contractor. It does not matter whether you have dealt with numerous asphalt paving companies in Texas, have never contracted for paving services, or know a bit about the industry. The quality of an Austin asphalt paving project will depend heavily on the integrity, knowledge, and skills of the contractor. Here are some tips to help you find the right contractor for your asphalt pavement in Austin.

1. Make a list of several Austin paving companies your colleagues or relatives have recommended. If no one has made any recommendations, perform an online search for asphalt paving in Austin. Visit several asphalt paving Austin Texas websites to look for testimonials from former customers.
2. Collect itemized bids from the Austin asphalt paving companies that seem to be the best fit for your project. However, do not rush to accept the lowest bid. Take the time to perform a line-by-line comparison of the different quotes. Look for discrepancies in material quantities, labor hours, and specific services.
3. Be sure to ask your contractor to recommend a maintenance plan for your paving in Austin. You need to know the services your pavement will need as well as how often you will need them. For example, Austin facility managers often find that they need to sealcoat their parking lots every two to three years, but they do not need an asphalt pavement overlay more than once every 10 to 12 years.

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