Five Reasons Why Asphalt Paving Should Be Your Top Choice

Five Reasons Why Asphalt Paving Should Be Your Top Choice

Five Reasons Why Asphalt Paving Should Be Your Top Choice Two centuries ago, there were very few pavements in America. Some major cities, primarily in the New England area, had a limited number of brick or cobblestone streets, but almost all of them did not extend beyond the city limits. Leaving the city meant traveling on dirt roads that were often little more than muddy trails. Today, a network of state, federal, and local thoroughfares connect the nation, and roughly 94% of these pavements feature asphalt paving. Asphalt has become the leading paving material in America for several reasons, but five of these are considered the primary reasons behind asphalt’s overwhelming popularity.

What Are the Five Primary Reasons Behind the Popularity of Asphalt Paving?

The five leading reasons for choosing asphalt involve economics, speed, safety, flexibility, and environmental considerations.

How Do Economic Considerations Influence the Decision to Choose Asphalt Over Concrete Paving?

There are many factors that can impact the cost of constructing a new pavement. However, if all other factors are relatively equivalent, it is roughly twice as expensive to construct a concrete pavement than an asphalt pavement. Furthermore, when paving repairs are needed, asphalt repairs are typically less expensive than concrete repairs. In addition, many worn-out asphalt pavements can be resurfaced by installing an asphalt overlay. Asphalt resurfacing is a technique involving the removal of some of the existing pavement, then replacing it to bring the pavement back to its original height. Asphalt resurfacing can provide the appearance and functionality of a new pavement, but it will cost significantly less.

How Does Speed Relate to the Choice of Asphalt for Paving Projects?

Asphalt pavements are easier to install, and they have shorter construction times. Although the reduced labor costs affect the overall cost of the project, the speed of construction means that the pavement can begin receiving traffic sooner. For public thoroughfares, this can help alleviate congestion sooner. For commercial parking lots, this means that property owners can begin recouping their paving investments sooner. In addition, asphalt maintenance and asphalt repair procedures are normally faster to complete, allowing the pavement to begin receiving traffic sooner.

Why Are Asphalt Pavements Considered Safer Than Concrete Pavements?

Asphalt provides better traction, especially in wet conditions. The improved traction can help prevent vehicle accidents caused by skidding, and it can help prevent pedestrians from slipping and falling. Traction can be further enhanced if you have a parking lot maintenance company sealcoat the pavement periodically. Asphalt pavements also reflect less light, so drivers are not as likely to have their vision impaired by the glare of sunlight reflecting from the pavement. Centerlines and other pavement markings stand out better against the dark color of asphalt, making it easier for drivers to stay positioned in their lanes.

Why Is Flexibility a Reason to Choose an Asphalt Pavement?

Asphalt is an extremely versatile paving material that can be used for almost any type of pavement, including outdoor athletic surfaces, parking lots, and roadways. Every pavement can be designed to support specific traffic loads so that the asphalt will flex under loads, then spring back without incurring damage. This flexibility also gives it the ability to adapt to seasonal fluctuations, including excessive summertime heat and wintertime freezing and thawing cycles.

Why Do Environmental Considerations Support the Choice of Asphalt Pavements?

Asphalt pavements are 100% recyclable, so almost all demolished pavements are recycled or reused. In fact, more tons of asphalt are recycled every year than the next four materials combined. This recycling helps conserve natural resources, and it also lowers the carbon footprint of asphalt pavements. In addition, asphalt does not release any detrimental chemicals into the groundwater or soil.

Where Can I Learn More Reasons to Choose Asphalt for My Next Pavement?

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