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Asphalt is an excellent paving choice; it is economical and fast to install, and it can have a very long life if it is given the maintenance and care it should receive. If contractors in Central Texas could, they would be happy to install asphalt paving every day of the year in all types of weather. However, no reputable company would consider installing new asphalt while it is raining. Furthermore, paving may not be possible for a day or two after a heavy rainfall has saturated the ground at the site.

Why Does Rain Make Asphalt Paving Impossible?

The first problem is that the falling rain will speed up the loss of heat from the asphalt mix, and even a novice Austin paving contractor knows that a great pavement requires proper compaction before the mix cools below a specific point. The second problem is the oils in the asphalt mix repel water. Although this might sound like a good thing, it is actually disastrous for rain to fall on an uncured asphalt pavement. The water can create small holes or cracks in the fresh asphalt, and these can quickly turn into craters and large cracks. The integrity and longevity of the pavement can be severely compromised before the asphalt even has a chance to cure, and the pavement’s appearance can also be irreparably marred.

If the Rain Has Stopped, Why Are Paving Companies Still Reluctant to Perform Paving?

Prior rainfall is not always an issue if it was light or ended with enough time between its cessation and the commencement of the job. However, keep in mind that a paving company needs to ensure the proper compaction of the asphalt mix. If the ground underneath the pavement is saturated, proper compaction will be difficult or impossible to achieve. More than one inexperienced Austin paving contractor has installed an asphalt pavement on wet ground, then returned the following day to find his work riddled with potholes, unsightly bumps, and severe cracks. Any paving contractor Austin TX customers would want to handle the installation of their asphalt pavement would never attempt to pave during or immediately after a heavy rain.

Can an Asphalt Paving Company Install Pavements During a Light Rain?

Although it is usually a bad idea, it might be possible to make a quick parking lot repair or pave a small area if there are intermittent light showers, especially if the work is almost finished before the first drops fall. However, anything more than a light, short-lived mist is grounds for postponing the job.

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